Spring Break Cover Up Guide

Triangl Confetti Garden Midnight Delight Bikini (c/o) |  Jodifl Cover Up (s/o, similar here, here) | OPI Kiss me on my Tulips Nail Polish | Kendra Scott Earrings

Happy Spring Break! I mean, maybe happy spring for you...I don't actually get one. And you know what? I actually shorted myself of my last spring break! I graduated a semester early. What was I thinking...just kidding! I wouldn't go back and change my decision; however it would be nice to have a week break just because, every once in a while.

Whether you're traveling somewhere warm now, or later this year, let's talk about cover ups! Honestly, a cute cover up is just as important as a cute swimsuit, am I right?! I am comfortable with my body, but unless where I'm staying backs right up to the beach, I'm not just going to strut my pale self out to sea , with just my bikini on. 

Before I purchase a cover up, I usually consider them carefully, to see if they are worth the money. You should too! These 3 things, should be a checklist, before you decide to buy a new cover up:

1) Breathable? You're going somewhere warm, right? Well, you want a fabric that breathes with you, not one that insulates your body. Cotton is a very breathable fabric, but when it gets wet, it gets pretty heavy. So, just be sure to towel off well, before you put it back on. My favorite cover up fabric right now, is poly chiffon. It is light, airy, doesn't wrinkle. What more could you ask for?

2) Full Coverage? I don't know about y'all, but I have large hips. I have to be careful about what cover up I choose, as it should definitely cover my bottom. No matter your size, I mean, do you really want a cover up that fits more like a shirt? If you're going on the boardwalk or into a shop, you are going to want it to be more tunic like, than shirt like. It just gets weird, otherwise. Especially, if you are going to a sit-down restaurant...

3) Versatile? I look for wearability in all my clothing, but especially in cover ups; it can make or break my buy. I want to be able to wear a cover up, whether I'm going to the pool, or not. I do realize that for some pieces, this absolutely will not work; however, if I can find one that does have that capability, then I am more likely to buy it and be okay spending a little more on it. Remember this piece, that I featured here? It fits the bill, perfectly.  I have worn it to work, with jeans, dresses, and shorts, and I will be wearing it this summer, to the pool and possibly on my honeymoon. It was a little on the pricey side; however, as you can see, my cost per wear, is very low.

Now to the good stuff...some of my favorites this season! To find out the brand, hover over the image. For more information, click on the image, and a new tab will open with the direct link to the product!

Do you wear cover ups? What's your favorite kind? If you're looking for a cost effective one, that is personalized, just for you, check out my post from last summer, on this easy, DIY Chic, no sew, beach cover up!

Are you going anywhere fun, this spring, or even summer? I'm still taking recommendations for our honeymoon destination;)

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