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Fiesta Themed Lingerie Shower

Fiesta Themed Lingerie Shower

Show me your Mumu Mae Mu with Tassels Casa Love Embroidery Dress | BC Cougar Wedge Sandals | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings and Elton Gold Bracelet | Essie Lollipop Nail Polish

Almost a month ago, my sweet sister threw me a lingerie fiesta, at my friend Kami's house. I thought it was pretty appropriate to post now, because it's my bachelorette party this weekend! Tune into Instagram and Snapchat to see our shennanigans! P.S. are y'all team snapchat or team instachat? I literally don't know what to do with myself.

Anyway, I thought I'd share what the shower entailed, because you can never go wrong with a little Tex-Mex theme. I mean half of the reason I attend showers is for the food... jk. kinda...maybe not. (hah!) So, here are some of the details!


Tip: Really think about what time you are planning the shower. If it's around dinner time, people are going to expect more than just some chips and cheese. Mine was at 3 pm.

Chips and Queso



Fruit Kabobs

Margarita Popsicles

Fresh Margaritas (Actually Nick made a pitcher for the party ;) )

Sombrero Cookies (both vanilla and chocolate  - chocolate uses a rolo instead of a gumdrop!)

Water with fresh lime




Tip: You don't have to spend a lot to make it look cohesive. Think about if anyone you know has thrown a party with a similar theme, and see if you can borrow some decor, also cutting cost!




Mexican Blankets


Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers


Bright Flowers

Happy colors

Mason Jars


During the shower:

Tip: You don't have to have every second planned, in fact most work better if you don't. This allows it to seem more natural and no one gets upset if you aren't "on schedule"; however, don't fail to plan. That's bad.

Talked and ate (as I get older, the less I am able to talk and see my friends in person, so this was awesome!)

The question game (My sister asked Nick questions and I had to get his answer correct, in order to open a gift)

The naming game (naming of the lingerie pieces, usually themed, like drink or dessert names)

Photo wall with props

Bow Keeper (Saving the bows, for my rehearsal dinner bouquet)



Mini Tabasco bottles

More on the hostess gift later;) Just make sure they are gifts you'd want and it doesn't hurt if they go with the theme


Extra Tips:

Don't forget to take photos

Allow time for people to get there- don't underestimate the power of conversation

Include all sizes on the invitation or invitation insert. This allows for people to think outside the box on lingerie just being panties and a bra (include things like bodysuit size, baby doll size etc)

Have food people actually enjoy

Make sure to keep track of your bride's gifts, so she can write thank you notes


I hope this brings you inspiration for a party, shower, or get together! Let me know if you have an questions or thoughts regarding showers, because I have more posts regarding them and would love to address your questions and concerns!

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