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Travel Guide: Cayman Brac

Travel Guide: Cayman Brac

***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe. I received a complimentary cooking class, in exchange for my review. Opinions are my own.

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Well that's all, folks! This was my last Cayman Brac post, with Le Soleil d'Or...until I head back! If you missed my series, here are my other blog posts on the island:  sunscreen tipsLe Soleil d'Or resort review, Golden Sun Cayman Farm reviewRed Dress Round-Up, MinkPink Floral RomperDIY Sequin Floppy Hat, and Le Soleil d'Or Cooking Class Reviewand What you Forget to Pack on your Beach Trip, and Summer's Almost Gone: Tropical Print Round-Up. 

Okay, on to what you clicked on this post for... my Cayman Brac Travel Guide!

Where to Stay:

Le Soleil d'Or: I mean did you think I'd say something else? I adore their farm to table and sea to table concept. They are literally the nicest resort on the 12 mile island and treat you like family. Really good family, that is ;) There are some one-off houses there, but I wouldn't stay anywhere but here!


Where to Eat:

Le Soleil d'Or: In case you missed the part where I mentioned it above, they know what they are doing, in regard to food. Their daily menus rotate and their food is pretty much yummy art. I love the passion fruit juice and their mahi mahi was my favorite dish. If you are interested, Le Soleil d'Or does have all inclusive options, as well as cooking classes.

Pat's Kitchen: Okay, so we didn't actually get to go here, but we planned on it initially! One of our drivers, who also happened to be the fisherman, told us that's where the locals love to go! We had plans to go here the last night, but Nick sliced his thumb open. He might of passed out on the kitchen floor and freaked me out... BUT it's a funny story now. Just FYI, when you call 911, it actually rings for Grand Cayman. Also, the ambulance came and actually came into the studio and it cost less than $300 total, NOT INCLUDING INSURANCE. What? Seriously a blessing. Anyway, would be cool to go to, if you get the chance!

The Grand Cayman Airport: If you don't fly direct and have to stop in Grand Cayman, please eat a rum cake, then buy several more. We got a key lime pie one and it was AMAZING.


What to Do:

Snorkel: So, I kind of poo-pooed snorkeling, just because I did it in Thailand, but Nick never had, so we did it anyway. Um, I guess I had forgotten how fun it was! The water is so clear and there are several areas to do it. This was a natural pool near the airport.  We will for sure do more snorkeling when we visit Saint Lucia, this fall.

Scuba Dive: Cayman Brac is actually known for being a scuba diver's paradise. A lot of people visit, for that very reason. We didn't scuba. Honestly, it kind of scares me, because of air bubbles getting in lungs, and going so far down, you don't know which way is up...so yeah. Experienced divers only ;)

Bike Ride: Along with the snorkel gear, Le Soleil d'Or has bikes you can use! I probably shouldn't have biked in flip flops, but hey mom! Wearing my helmet, at least! It's so fun just ride, relax and take in all the scenery. Just remember, they drive on the opposite side of the road ;)

Run a Half Marathon: So...the island is only 12 miles long. I would LOVE to go back and run the entire length and then some. I'm still recovering from my strained abductor, but will get back to my long runs, someday soon.

Visit Rebecca's Cave: There are lots of caves on Cayman Brac, this was just the one that came most recommended to us. It is near Le Soleil d'Or, so it's not a far walk and an even closer bike ride.

Boat to Little Cayman: Little Cayman is so close, you might as well visit it, while you're near. It's known for its wildlife and such, so would definitely be a fun trip! There are snorkel boats and such that go regularly.

Kayak: We kayaked via sunset and it was awesome. This was a service that we got through Le Soleil d'Or. You can also do it during the day, but there's just something about the sunset there that is so striking!

Hike the Bluff: "Brac" actually translates to bluff, which is how the island got its name! Le Soleil d'Or's farm is built on the bluff - it has a great view!

Visit the Cayman Brac Lighthouse: It's kind of a landmark for the island. We didn't get to do it, but it came highly recommended.

Get an island tour: The island is so small, it won't take long at all!  It's so cool to say you have seen the entire island!


Why visit:

Private: Come on. The island is 12 miles, by about 1.5 miles. It's small, but in a good way.

No Crime: Seriously, though. We left our bikes, clothes, and my Canon 60D out, while we snorkeled. It just doesn't happen here. We felt very safe.

Unique: I don't know about you, but I love going to unique places...you know, places no one else goes. People always go to Grand Cayman, not any of the other islands.  I think it's fun to go where not many have gone before.

Beautiful: The scenery, even just flying above, is breathtaking. The water is so green/blue, it's insane. I could describe it more, but you already know, hence the photos.

Have you ever been to Cayman Brac? Did I leave anything off?

P.S. My next trip series will be San Francisco, so get ready! Currently on my bachelorette weekend, so that will come soon, as well.

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***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe.  I received a complimentary cooking class, in exchange for my review. Opinions are my own.

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