Eat Pray Rosé ft. Epoch Wines

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Epoch Estate Wines Rosé (c/o) | Bow and Drape Eat Pray Rosé Crew | One Teaspoon Shorts | Hush Puppies Flosse Chaste Smoking Loafer | Kendra Scott Lauren Earrings | Essie Smokin' Hot Nail Polish

Like I mentioned in this post, summer is almost gone, so you better drink all the rosé you can! Hah, I mean, you can enjoy a nice glass of rosé anytime, it is just such a summer drink, and fun-looking at that!

Do you like Rosé/even know what it really is? Rosé is made from red grapes, but unlike your deep reds, the skin of the grape doesn't have a long contact period, producing that pinky hue we all know and love.

Now, not all wines are created equal, but ones that stand above the rest, are those from Epoch wines. I had the pleasure of trying several of their reds, but not their rose, until this past weekend. If you like Rosé, this will surprise you, in a good way, because it's unique yet still true to its rosé roots. If you don't typically like rosé, I encourage you to try it, because it really was unlike any other rosé this bottle, in their wine speak. You can read it + more about Epoch here. I have had. As y'all may or may not know, my fiancé is one of the founders of the Dallas Wine Club. They reviewed this bottle, in their wine speak. You can read it + more about Epoch here.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like Rosé has been trending in the apparel market, as well as the vineyards. Whether it's rose gold accessories, or fun phrases, I've been seeing it everywhere! Here's a round up of my favorite items - clickable photos for each feature are under the collage.

Do you like Rosé? Have you ever tried Epoch's? Happy Wine Wednesday!

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