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Favorite Business Tech: Newsletters, Apps, and Podcasts

Favorite Business Tech: Newsletters, Apps, and Podcasts

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Hello, my Women in the Workplace Wednesday, friend! Oh and if you’re not a woman, that’s fine too! WITW is a series I started a couple months back to focus on tips and tricks for women…in the workplace! However, a lot of these topics are relevant to everyone. For Example: How to Ask for a Raise, How to Leave your Job Gracefully, Ideas for Work Lunches, and more!

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I don’t miss tests, but I do miss the aspect of learning from school, so I’m always trying to gain more knowledge. Non-fiction is my favorite genre to read for that reason! My background is apparel merchandising and business, so a lot of my business research skews that direction. I will say that though some things may not be relevant to your line of work, the knowledge translates easily to cocktail conversation and is fantastic to use for networking events, especially if you’re like me and are more introverted. I have no issue sitting in a room and not speaking, or even talking to the same person the entire night; however, in instances where that isn’t an option (it’s not a best practice that is for sure!), I love having random facts that people don’t know about. Plus if it’s a really good one, they will probably remember you for it! Do YOU know why Henry VIII wore a cod piece, which led to the trend across Europe? I DO. DM or email me and I’ll tell you ;)

So now to the good stuff… what you probably came for! Here’s some newsletters, apps, and podcast I listen to for both my corporate merchandising career and my blog/online presence.


  • The Daily Carnage - This is my most recent subscription and I really like it! It is marketing and advertising focused, so they talk about how to better this aspect of your business. They also flashback to old advertisements, which really make you LOL.

  • The Hustle - Business focused in general, The Hustle covers the top stories in business from all over the world. On Sundays they have a special email that goes out and it follows the story of something specific. One of my recent favorites was on how Flaming Hot Cheetos came about!

  • The Skimm - I subscribed to The Skimm back in 2015. It’s pretty much a household name and covers news in general. I read it every morning!

  • Some of my favorite influencer newsletters are A Guy Named Patrick by Patrick Janelle and The Stripe by Grace Atwood.


  • Airtable - I first learned about this from The Hustle and have been using it for about a year now. It’s basically a spreadsheet that you can custom build to however you want to use it. Nick set it up for LMents of Style for tracking clients, but we also use it for personal things like travel, wine, and coffee notes. I actually used it at my last job though. It served as a data base for all of their products. A home base if you will, that easily exports to excel and is usable for VLookups, Pivot Tables, etc.

  • Slack - I’ve used Jabber and Google Hangouts, but Slack has been my favorite. I’ve used it for my corporate job, but Nick and I use it for each other too! We don’t really like to have our text messages come through on work computers, so we have our own personal channel, which makes it super easy to communicate during the day!

  • Smartsheets - This is a competitor of Airtable. I’ve only used it in the work space, but they pretty much do the same thing. Smartsheets is more expensive, but it actually has more integrations. I think Airtable is more user friendly, but Smartsheets worked great for my previous job.


  • A Drink with James - ADwJ started on Youtube, but they put the audio on Podcasts now too! It is influencer and social media focused. I love his candor and realness. Sometimes he interviews other people, but most of the time it is just him talking.

  • Fohr Ground - FG is by Tim Jeffreys, who is the film director for A Drink with James! He interviews influencers and does a great job. It’s so interesting!

  • Goop Beauty Closet - They just started this and I LOVE it. If you are into clean beauty, just want to learn more about it, or maybe love GP, you’ve got to give it a listen. They interview amazing people and I’m excited to hear all that is in store for them.

  • How I Built This - Guy Raz interviews different business owners. It is truly fascinating to learn their stories! This is easy to listen to and great for cocktail conversation and mingling.

  • rS Influencer Radio - Amber Venz Box hosts rewardStyle’s first podcast and it is great. Right she is doing a European season. I love hearing and learning from other influencers who are willing to share!

  • The Skinny Confidential - Lauren Evarts Bosstick (and her husband) are the mastermind behind this and it is another great listen that is relevant for everyone. She is an influencer herself, so she does focus on that, but also shares other stories and such that are relatable for the average, non-blogger person.

  • Worth More - My friend Kami hosts this and she talks all about mental and physical wellness that starts with loving your body. It might seem odd that I included that for this business blog post, BUT you perform better at work when you feel better about yourself, so I highly recommend listening to her weekly post.

Have a favorite newsletter, app, or podcast? Let me know! One of my personal mantras is work smarter, not harder, so I’m always looking for ways to learn and grow!

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