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Back to School Capsule Collection with Kohl's

Back to School Capsule Collection with Kohl's

Since I studied apparel merchandising in school, it should come as no surprise that some of my favorite memories revolve around shopping. I would spend every birthday buying new clothes for school. It was a family affair, and everyone would come, even my dad! This past weekend was my birthday and though I didn’t spend it shopping (did yoga, got a massage, and saw the latest fashion exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, then hopped a plane to San Francisco!), I did think about all of my favorite shopping memories… one of those shopping at Kohl’s with my mom, sister, and grandmother. She would always help us find the best deals!

Today I’m excited to share with you a capsule collection that will not only work for your school year, but also tell you about a great deal that Kohl’s is offering! From August 2 - August 18, you can receive $10 off $50 Back to School purchase! The brand I’m focusing on today is SO®, but Kohl’s items for everyone!

Okay, so what is a capsule collection exactly? Basically it is a set of clothing that can be worn alone and interchangeably, creating a myriad of outfits! You know how at Sonic Drive In you can create a lot of different drink combinations? That’s what I’m doing today! But with your closet. Can I get a cherry limeade though, please?! Anyway, I chose some modern basics from Kohl’s SO® line, to make an effortless wardrobe that can take you through the fall. PLUS everything is under $50 originally and most of it is on sale. Here’s what I got!

CAPSULE COLLECTION: TOPS I purchased some basic tees and some layering pieces. I tried to go for updated, classic pieces that could easily pair well together, but still seem modern and up-to-date. I will say that most of these come in other colors, if you want to stray from my choices, though I do think they are good ones if I do say so myself!

SO® Varsity Tee | SO® Tie Front Tee Stripe Pattern | SO® Perfect Tee

SO® Boyfriend Cardigan | SO®` Drawstring Waist Utility Jacket | SO® Plaid Button-Front Shirt

CAPSULE COLLECTION: BOTTOMS I chose to get more trendy with my tops, than my bottoms, as bottoms tend to be the “base” and should be more neutral to go with more. I went more trend forward with the silhouettes, for example flared boot cut jeans are more trendy, but still pretty much a basic. I’ll go over each piece individually as I style it.

SO® Perfect Tee | SO® High Waist Long Leggings | SO® Boyfriend Cardigan

Athleisure continues to be a trend, especially in schools. Chances as you probably already have your classic black leggings, so I updated it with this olive snakeskin pattern. I paired the boyfriend cardigan with it, so my bottom was covered, as my knotted tee didn’t conceal it. My favorite piece is the t-shirt! It is super soft and I love the curved hem, so you can easily tuck it in or knot it. It comes in 13 colors and is only $12 and that is before any discount!

SO® Perfect Tee | SO® High-Rise Ultimate Jegging | SO®` Drawstring Waist Utility Jacket

I wore the black t-shirt again for this look, but paired it with the army jacket. If you already have a denim jacket, an olive jacket is next in line for you to get! It is a “neutral” and pretty much goes with everything, especially these jeggings. Jeans are something I wear a lot so it is a must in the capsule collection, especially as a student!

SO® Vented Hem Maxi Dress | SO® Plaid Button-Front Shirt

A dress is always good to have in your clothing arsenal and this one can be worn alone or layered! You can pair it with the utility jacket or cardigan, but I went with a knotted button up shirt, as it is a little more breathable. If it gets too warm, just tie it around your waist. After all, that is “in” again!

SO® Plaid Button-Front Shirt | SO® Midi Slip Skirt

Here I wore the button up again, but this time I wore it alone as a shirt. I included a midi skirt in this capsule collection, because they are trending, but also super practical. Hey! If you’re feeling up to it, you can even pull it over your chest and wear it as a tube dress!

SO® Varsity Tee | SO® Perfectly Soft Embroidered Bootcut Jeans

Camo is classic, but it is also trending right now! This t-shirt is a little bit more modern, because of the front twist and sleeve stripes, but still a great piece to have! Flares are my favorite right now because they can really dress up a look and are fun! These come in a couple washes, but the darkest is my favorite!

SO® Tie Front Tee Stripe Pattern | SO® Distressed Mom Jeans

This tie-top is one of my favorite pieces out of the whole bunch! It comes in 8 variations and is soft and is only $20! A lot of tie tops show a bit of mid-rift, but this one is a great length! Black jeans are a staple. A must for every wardrobe, so a no brainer, for this collection.

What are your favorite pieces? How would you style them? There are a lot more ways that I didn’t show! Don’t forget to head to Kohl’s or shop online during their Back to School deal! Shop August 2 - August 18 and get $10 off $50 Back to School purchase!

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