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11 Tips for Taking your Bridal Photos

11 Tips for Taking your Bridal Photos

Bridal Portraits by Heidi Lockhart Photography

Happy almost weekend, friends!! I have been keeping these from you for long enough- almost 3 months, at that! In fact, Nick hasn't even seen all of these ;) And no, these aren't even all of them! You'll get some more later this month. I was debating whether I hit y'all with a bunch of wedding posts all at once or just sprinkle them in. Right now siding with the sprinkle factor...let me know what y'all think!

Are your bridal portraits soon? Make sure you read my 11 tips! Whether you have bridals coming up or not, a lot of these tips can be applied to any photo shoot. If you'd rather learn more about engagement photos, I have a 3 part series for ya: How to Prepare, What to Wear, and Who to use for Save the Dates! And if you're here for the tips or just want to store the knowledge for later, here we go!

1) DO THEM. Some people debate whether or not to do bridals before the wedding and most people I know who didn't do them prior end up regretting it. Anything can happen on your wedding day - timelines run late, weather is bad, you just never know! Taking bridals ensures that you have some good photos AND you get to wear your dress more than once ;)

2) Photograph somewhere that defines YOU. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph at multiple locations. While our engagements were in Seattle, I wanted my bridals to be in Texas, in the Dallas area, as that's where I'm from. We went to the church my parents met and got married at (Park Cities Baptist Church) , a well known park (White Rock Lake) , a Dallas monument (Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge), trendy area (Deep Ellum Elephant Mural), and an interactive location (Cake Bar). Nick and I met and fell in love in Dallas, so I definitely wanted that feel. I wanted the classic and chicness, but also the fun and trendy sides too. These locations gave me just that!

3) Do something different. I wore my hair half up half down to my bridals, while for my wedding day, I wore it all up. I also added pops of burgundy in my flowers and on my nails, whereas on my big day, I was all white. Since I was going to take a few bridals the day of the wedding, my photographer encouraged me to do something a little different for my bridals and I'm so glad I listened to her!

4) Wear something special. I wore the Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the yard Necklace and Bracelet that Nick gave me, as well as my grandmother's diamond earrings. For the White Rock Lake session, I wore my Granna's boots. My Grandmother and Granna are no longer with us, so it was cool to involve them in my photos, since they wouldn't be physically at my wedding.

5) Bring Helpers. My mom and my sister came along for my bridal session and I am so glad! Even if your photographer has an assistant, they are often taking photos too and shouldn't have to stop to fix your hair or undrape your train. They were so helpful, but it was also a special time to share with them. This day was probably my favorite (over my wedding day getting ready!) and I'm thankful I was able to share it with them.

6) Supply Backup. Bring touch ups for you face makeup  and lips! Whether you are sweating or not, you'll want to powder your nose and reapply your lipstick. It just happens!

7) Eat and Drink. Being in pictures is HARD WORK. We worked from 9 am to 3 pm and boy was I tired. I'm so glad I had water, an apple, and a protein bar or I probably would have fainted! You need to eat beforehand - none of this "I want to look skinny in my dress" crap. Fuel yourself or you'll be sorry!

8) Pack Flip Flops. I wore my wedding shoes, but I didn't walk around in them. Your feet will hurt from walking no matter what, and you don't want blisters too! Just do it.

9) Double check that you have your Engagement Ring. Believe it or not, I have heard horror stories where the girl forgets her engagement ring. Mine never really leaves my finger, so I can't understand, but put a post it note on the front door to remind you, just in case! 

10) Have a bomb photographer. If you have a photographer who sucks, you're doomed. A good photographer not only photographs as good as you look, but makes you look better. If you skimp on your photographer, your photos will show that. 

11) Get the classics, then focus on fun. I loved that my photographer got all the pictures that "my mom would want", but also got artsy looks that make people go "oooooh" and "aaahhh". Those are my favorites- the unique ones that you don't see every day. I'm sure you feel the same way!

Do you have any tips or suggestions to add? Let me know so I can update the post! I hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures even more so. Heidi is an amazing photographer and I'm so lucky to have gotten to shoot all of my wedding ones with her.

Dress: Blue Willow by Anne Barge, Nordstrom

Hair and Makeup: Grand Slam Glam

Eyelash Extensions: Amazing Lash Garland

Flowers: Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe

Jewelry: Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace and Bracelet, Vintage Diamond Earrings

Engagement Ring: Fuller's Jewelry

Shoes: Tory Burch Holiday 2015 Satin Burgundy Pumps, Vintage Cowboy Boots

Photography: Heidi Lockhart Somes

Locations: White Rock Lake, Trinity Groves Cake Bar, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Park Cities Baptist Church

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