Where to Stay in Saint Lucia: Villa Piton Caribbean Castle

I received a complimentary stay from Villa Piton in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Hi friends! My last post was kind of a downer - I mean it had a good message, but wasn't that upbeat, so I wanted to post something a little more peppy and happy! If you have been following along on my Saint Lucia journey, you have probably seen some of these photos before, whether it was on my Instagram or on a previous blog post. You can catch up on my honeymoon series here:  honeymoon packing list, New Name, New Purse: Personalized Crossbody Pouch, I wore the Same Workout Clothes for a week and this is what happened, The Art of Versatility: Floral Dress styled for summer and fall ,Thanksgiving Blues and Now Trending: Maxi Skort Romper.

Anyway, back to why you clicked on this post! Nick and I had the opportunity to stay at two different places while we were in Saint Lucia! While they are vastly different, I would highly recommend both. The first one I'm going to talk about is called Villa Piton Caribbean Castle and it is actually the second place we stayed. Think you want to stay here? Read on for more info and some of my favorite things about Villa Piton!

-It is open air concept. This is something that is pretty common in Saint Lucia; however, I could not get over the fact that I survived a week without air conditioning! In fact, when I got back in AC, it only made me cold. I love that you can just open all the windows and doors and not have to worry about "letting air in". It is peaceful and relaxing.

-It sleeps up to 8 people. WHAT? yep. That means you can plan an island getaway for you and 7 of your closest friends. Or just go with your s/o and sleep in a different room each night ;)

-It gives you one of the best views of the Pitons. But seriously. The Pitons are the two mountains that Saint Lucia is known for. Most views are just looking at the Pitons, which makes them appear super close. This was one of the best, if not THE best on the island. The palm trees, ocean, pitons, and pool? You can't get much better than that!

-It is walking distance from Sugar Beach. Remember this post? That's Sugar Beach! It is known for having beautiful sand and even prettier sunsets. Lots of celebs flock here. It's a steep hill, but you can do it! Just get a ride back up. That's what we had to do ;)

-Ms. Mary. Ms. Mary is the housekeeper at Villa Piton. Not only is she one of the sweetest and kindest people you will meet, but she is also a mean cook! We had fresh tuna (caught that day!) and a plate of Lucian local type food. It was one of our favorite meals:)

-It is within 30 minutes of other cool resorts, restaurants, and Soufrière. I'll talk more about this on my Saint Lucian Travel Guide, but there are a lot of cool restaurants within nearby resorts. We liked to do this in the evening, which also gave us a feel of other buildings on the island! We stayed on the south side of the island and are very much the type of people who like to get out and explore. Being relatively close to everything really helped this.

-It is super organized and helpful regarding suggestions. They not only have a cell phone for you to make calls locally, but have a book published and sitting on their coffee table for you! It has everything from names and phone numbers of house workers, to city suggestions, restaurant tips, and even past guests' reviews. 

-It's off the beaten path. This is the place to stay if you want to feel local! It's not located in a place where just anyone can find it. The greenery is lush and there are palm trees galore! You aren't roughing it by any means, but it is definitely more wild.

-It's private. One word? Secluded! There is a house that is within rock throwing range, but other than that, it is just you and the goats. Whether you want quality family time or romantic evenings, you can stay here without a hitch!

-It has a full kitchen. YES. We love to cook. It was fun to make our own breakfasts instead of having to go into town or eat protein bars!

-It is affordable. This place usually runs between $245-$300 a night, depending on the season! If you go with 7 of your closest friends, like I mentioned, that would only be about $30 a person per night!! It's also a great price if you want to experience Saint Lucia, but don't want to pay a resort price tag!

-It has amazing design work. It was actually built but the same guy who did Ladera, a nearby resort! The architecture, intricacies, and the obvious thoughtfulness that went into literally everything still amazes me! From the wooden shutter doors, to the fun tiled bathrooms. It is instagram heaven!

So there you have it! Would you stay here? Let me know if you do. I'd love to swap stories :O)





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