Where to Stay in Seattle: The Kimpton Palladian Hotel

Nick's Sweater: American Eagle | Nick's Jeans: American Eagle | Nick's Boots: Clark's | My Glasses: Coastal | My Makeup Bag: Charlotte Tilbury

It feel like we were just in Seattle, even though it has been 2 weeks. Y'all probably still think I'm there with how much I am still posting PNW content! What can I say? It's such a great city to visit!

When looking for a hotel/place to stay, we wanted to make sure we were centrally located. Nick has family in surrounding suburbs, so we wanted to be near them, but we also wanted to be close to Seattle staples, like Pike Place Market! The Palladian is the perfect walking distance from Pike Place, but is near other restaurants we wanted to go to, like Biscuit Bitch. Don't worry, I'll get into where all we went and visited in coming posts;)

Back to The Palladian...I'm such a boutique hotel girl. Kimpton is a "chain" by definition, but their hotels all are boutique! They are all have a different feel and are decorated in a high end manner, yet it still makes you feel at home. Not stuff at all! I always love staying places that decorate different from my personal style, because I appreciate the difference.

Most people would say the actual bedroom was there favorite (I mean did you see Sergio?! That's what I named the pillow;) ), as that is where they crash at night; however, my favorite was the bathroom! The tile + black + gold pops were amazing! I could have taken a million flat lays there.

Nick and I are definitely adventurers, but we can be homebodies for sure. Our last night in Seattle, we just wanted to relax and enjoy each other's company, so we stayed in and ordered room service. Some room service is just kind of blah...this one wasn't! They actually have an in-house restaurant and bar! We ordered food from Shaker and Spear + drinks from Pennyroyal. All I can say is get the parmesan truffle fries! I can't remember which drink I got, but it was yummy! Nick had a classic old fashioned.

All in all, don't majorly skimp on your hotel...if you don't sleep well, how can you even enjoy your trip?! Sleepless in Seattle is not actually a good look! The Kimpton Palladian more than fit the bill for our needs this trip. I can't want to go back!

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