6 Ways to Relax your Body even when your Brain's not

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Hello friends! It's no secret - I'm a busy person. I don't wear it as a badge of honor...more like I understand it is a season and this too shall pass. (or maybe the busyness will just shift around? LOL) There are sometimes when I'm just like I NEED A BREAK and will take a moment or two (or three) to just do nothing. Got ya there! Am I really ever doing nothing? Nope; however, there I things I do that are relaxing and/or beneficial to my brain and my body. 

1) Wear a good bra. Can there be anything more annoying?! Find out your size and go from there. If my bra is uncomfortable, I'm always pulling on it and annoyed by it. I can't get work done, let alone relax, if it doesn't fit well.

Underwire bras may look good, but imagine wearing them in the Texas heat? No bueno. I love me a good bralette and Coobie is the best of the best. I love wearing them at home or even paired under a loose tank or dress, when heading out into the heat. I also love that it has adjustable straps and can be worn as a racerback!

2) Use Eye Drops. Whether you wear contacts or not, pollen and allergens are currently running rampant. If my eyes are irritated, I can't focus on anything else...literally!

I not only live in Texas, but I also wear contacts. I spend most of my day staring at screens...computer at work, phone for instagram, then computer at home for the blog. On top of that, the pollen index in Texas has been HORRIBLE as of late. I can't afford to have off days with my sight, so that's where Clear Eyes comes in with their preservative free drops that relieve me of seasonal irritants and red eyes. They help me relax by keeping my vision straight for up to 12 hours of comfort! Get $3 off your purchase here.

3) Cleanse! Be it a juice cleanse, a shower because you haven't had time recently, or a simple face mask, just do it! This helps you feel pretty and happy.

Okay, so I'm no beauty buff. but I am obsessed with these products, specifically the Purifying Mud Mask. All of these products feature Dead Sea Minerals - I have always heard great things about Dead Sea Products, but have never had the chance to try them out. I now know what the hype is out! My skin (specifically the pores on my nose) have never looked so good! Get 25% off your purchase with code SKIN25, now through 6/30. limit 2 uses per customer

4) Multi-task. Now I don't mean in a bad way...but in a good way. Know how to combine time and make the most of every moment. Using Nad's cuts my time down in the shower and lets me remove hair and brush my teeth at the same time. Couldn't do that in the shower...very safely at least;)

Let's face it. With spring and summer rolling in, our clothes seam to roll off, which meannns time to grab a razor. Or does it?! Razors often leave spots, or they do with me, at least! I remember one time I got the notion that I wanted to wax my legs. I ended up getting hot wax on a portion that was already waxed and have never touched it again #ouch Nad's hair removal cream eats away all the hair in and in a short amount of time at that(4 minutes! don't leave on longer than 10 minutes), which leads more time for the already on the go girl. Fast AND painless!

5) Drink. First and foremost, water. You need roughly have of your body weight in ounces. If you add in caffeine or alcohol, you need more. BUT, don't let that stop you. Grab that glass of vino or a steaming cup of Joe and let the aroma + taste help you unwind, even though you may still be working on a late night proposal.

6) Exercise and Meditate. Leave your phone at home. I know some people like to get emails done while they are doing the stationary bike, but try and focus all your energy on the workout. Lessen your screen time and increase your me time! Exercise makes you look and feel great, which is key to stressing less and relaxing more.

Do you have something you turn to when you need your body to relax, even when your brain is going 100 mph.  Do tell!

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Single Edition Media. All opinions are my own.

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