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Where to Look for Jobs

Where to Look for Jobs

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I thought this picture would be fun, since you are “looking” for a job ;) I used Almost Famous as inspiration. I hope you like it! I’m trying to be more creative and do more fun things with my images!

Today for women in the workplace, I want to talk about looking for jobs. Partially because I have lived it for the past 6 months and partially because looking and applying for jobs is literally like a part-time job, if not a full-time job! I have heard so many people as of late saying they don’t want to look for jobs or complaining about how hard it is or that they don’t want to fill out all the paperwork. Boohoo! DO YOU THINK THE JOBS WILL JUST COME TO YOU? Well… they just might. (lol) However, that may not be the case for everyone.

Two of my biggest interviews during the 6 months I was looking for new opportunities weren’t jobs I sought out, but were from recruiters who found me on LinkedIn. You can actually turn your profile setting “on” to be open for jobs! Just click “me” at the top of the LinkedIn page, then click “Settings and Privacy” under the “Account” section. Once you’re on that page, scroll to the second paragraph from the bottom called “ Job Seeking Preferences” and choose your preferences. For example, I would turn on the “Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities” section for sure if you are in the market, but there are a couple others you can turn on too! Just be sure to check your LinkedIn inbox often, so you don’t miss any messages!

Spoiler alert, I didn’t get either of those 2 jobs where the recruiters reached out to me, but they proved to be amazing interview experiences. I was even flown out for one, all expenses paid! There’s not one specific way to find a job to apply for, especially in this day and age; however, there are a handful that should prove to be helpful, should you need assistance.

  • LinkedIn - Duh, I already mentioned it, but worth mentioning it again, but it honestly has so much to offer. You can go through and “follow” your dream companies and stay up to date on the jobs their job postings. You can also peruse by job type and receive emails on those said job types. LinkedIn will probably send you a message to get a premium membership free for a month or two, so take advantage of that if that is something you think could be useful for your search. Be sure your profile is up to date with skills and put your most recent resume on it as well. ALSO, make sure to reach out to first and second connections who work for the company you are applying to. They can help with recommendations! Just a side tip - if there’s only a LinkedIn application / it doesn’t take you to the company’s site, see if you can find an email address to send a personal message to. This will make your resume stand out immediately!

  • GlassDoor - There’s a wealth of information on Glassdoor, whether it is salary related or company reviews. They also have job postings which you can get emailed at your preference!

  • Creative Circle - This is a recruiting firm for digital and creative positions. If you are in tech, accounting or whatever, try to find an industry specific recruiting firm and use them to your benefit! CC emails you positions they think you might be a good fit for and you can respond if you’re interested & want to be considered.

  • Club Pages - Were you in a sorority in college or part of a nationwide club? Try to join Facebook pages or forums in the area you are looking for a job. For example, I was a member of Delta Delta Delta, so I made sure I was a part of the Dallas Alum Chapter FB page, so I could see any work that might come across. I’m also a part of club pages on LinkedIn too!

  • Indeed - This is basically a glorified search engine. I didn’t have much luck here because my title of “product line manager” could really be in any field. A lot of tech companies match to that title, so I would only use Indeed if you have an industry specific title, ie CPA.

  • 24Seven Talent - This site has tons of postings in a myriad of fields. The only catch is that you have to apply for them yourself. They don’t send them to you. Lots of opportunity, I just didn’t see much follow through, as I was never notified for an initial interview with them to even be considered for a role.

  • Instagram - Funny…but the ‘gram is how I found my current role! I saw an ad to apply for a position and went with it… the rest is history ;) Point being, just be on the lookout, even when you’re mindlessly scrolling ;)

  • People - Ya know… the old fashioned way! But really, treat every encounter as an opportunity! Whether you’re standing in the line at a grocery story or just making small talk, you never know who the person might be or what connections may have. I’m not saying use people, but merely telling you to take advantage of every situation. I’m not good at this, but Nick is! You can also tell your friends that you are looking and make sure they are aware, so they can keep a look out for you too!

  • Website - One of the things I did on a weekly basis was check the websites of companies I wanted to work for. I’d look to see if they had any new job postings and quickly apply. A lot of modern websites also give you an “email” option where you can receive updates on new job postings. I like this option, but always like to check on my own too ;) You never know! Those emails are usually once a week or two.

Overall, just keep your eyes peeled and your ears open! You never know where you are going to find opportunities. If you’ve been searching for a long time, don’t get discouraged. Trust me, I have lived it! I know it is so easy to want to give up, especially when you keep hearing no. Just keep bettering yourself and putting yourself out there and something will fall into place eventually. Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer for the right thing to come along, and that is okay! Good luck, y’all!

Do you have a favorite spot to look for jobs that I missed? Let me know!

P.S. If you found a job and get an interview, be sure to brush up on these questions to ask during an interview. Anddddd if you got the interview AND the job, here’s how to break thew news that you are leaving and do it gracefully. Good luck!!

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