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What's the Difference between TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry + Why you Should Consider One

What's the Difference between TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry + Why you Should Consider One

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Chances are that you are traveling for Christmas or sometime in the coming months. If not, then let me be frank...you don't really need TSA Pre-Check OR Global Entry. So, carry on with your life ;) IF you plan on flying at least once in 2017, then listen up. I'm here to save you time! Nick and I had an interview for TSA Pre-Check in July, but ended up cancelling it, because we learned about Global Entry (oops didn't do our initial homework!) We quickly applied to Global Entry, hoping to get in and approved before our honeymoon, but didn't hear back. Turns out that since we hadn't heard back, that meant our application hadn't gone through - you have to list everywhere you have lived in the past 5 years, which is kind of hard, since I only graduated from college 4 years ago and moved every year, including out of state! If your app isn't 100% correct, then it bounces back. Anyway, once we realized that, we reapplied and were approved to begin the process. As of 2 weeks ago, we are Global Entry approved! Here's a series of questions to help you decide if you should do TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, which will also help you understand what they offer. Let's vamanos!

1) Do you typically fly domestic or international? If you only fly domestic, TSA Pre-Check is your girl; however, if you are even thinking about traveling internationally in the next 5 years, you should look into Global Entry. It has everything TSA Pre-Check has, plus added benefits that you can only reap when traveling out of the country, ie customs lines!

2) Do you have a passport? If you have a passport, then you should be doing Global Entry, because that means you have or plan to travel internationally. You must have a  passport to apply for Global Entry; however, you don't have to have one for TSA Pre-Check. If for some odd reason you only want TSA Pre-Check, you can of course use your passport as a government issued ID card. Whatever floats your boat!

3) Do you want to spend $85 or $100? TSA Pre-Check is a whopping $15 cheaper. The fact that there is that little of a difference, makes me choose the $100 Global Entry, because it's more bang for your buck.  If the $85 is a little out of budget for you this month, try contacting your credit card company! We have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and you get $100 to put toward it, so it really didn't cost us anything! Each membership lasts 5 years.

4) Do you frequent Canada or Mexico? Trick Question. If you go back and forth to one of these two places, you shouldn't get TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. NEXUS is for those traveling to Canada and SENTRI is for those traveling to Mexico. NEXUS is $50 every 5 years and SENTRI is $122.25 every 5 years.

5) What benefits are you looking for? TSA Pre-Check lets you keep your shoes, belts, and light jackets on, plus keep your laptop in your bag, as well as your liquids! Basically all the hectic-ness of going through security is eased. You get all of this with Global Entry, plus expedited processes like shorter lines when you cross the border back into the U.S. and you don't have to fill out customs forms!

6) Are you eligible? TSA Pre-Check is only for U.S. Citizens and lawful permanent residents. Global Entry is for U.S. Citizens, in addition to citizens of Colombia, the U.K., Germany, the Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, and Mexican nationals. Basically the only ways you won't be eligible, is if you give false or incomplete information on your application, have been convicted of any criminal case, pending case, or investigation, have violated customs laws, or cannot prove yourself to be low-risk.

7) What's your application process? There's not much difference between TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry. You have to go in person to be finger printed, and of course background checks have to be done. The only real difference is that for Global Entry, you have an interview.

8) Is it really worth the time and money? With TSA Pre-Check alone, nearly 100% of people wait 5 minutes or less. It is recognized by almost 200 airports and almost 20 airlines! Chances are that where you will go, it will be accepted. Yes, it make take a little time and money up front, but think about flying free of lines and keeping your laptop in its case for the next 5 years! #worthit

So, what do you think? In my opinion, Global Entry is the way to go! It just keeps all of your bases covered, for only a little bit more money! The sheer fact that you don't have to take off your shoes makes it worth it, in my opinion!

Tips for the Global Entry Process + Using it

-Bring your passport, second form of ID, proof of residence, and confirmation of appointment for the interview.

-NO funny business. Kind of goes without being said, but just needed to mention it. This is so you can get through security without having to deal with all that nonsense. Don't mess it up!

-Always put your known traveler number in when you purchase flights, so you can reap the TSA Pre-Check benefits.

-Remember that not all flights have TSA Pre-Check. Don't cause a scene if it isn't available. It is for your safety that they have random all-security checks.

-Keep your ID cards with your passports, just as a recommendation. You will always know where it is, if that is what you practice!

-If you are getting married or changing your name, you will first need to order and receive your new passport, then go to the same interview area with it and your current Known Traveler card, and request a new Global Entry Card due to name changing - you don't need to start the whole renewal process. 

If you want more information, here's where you can learn more about TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. Happy Trails, er, I mean traveling, to you!

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