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Monogram Gift Guide: The Foolproof way to go Rogue and not Buy from a Wedding Registry

Monogram Gift Guide: The Foolproof way to go Rogue and not Buy from a Wedding Registry

Show Me Your Mumu Rainforest Cafe Ruffle Top | Cuffed Denim Shorts | Ray Ban Clubmasters (Look  Alike, Cheaper  version here) | Gold Feather Earrings | Studded Sandals | Cuyana Crossbody Pouch

Soooo I kind of messed this post up, but I figured y'all would still want it! I meant to do this post with the pictures from my previous post (TSA Pre-Check vs Global Entry), because it would make more sense discussing monograms and personalization; however, I'm kind of stretching it to coincide with my current favorite crossbody, which I carried around Saint Lucia, on our honeymoon. I introduced it to you here

These photos were taken in Soufrière, Saint Lucia, which is on the west side of the island and in-between the two places we stayed. It was founded by the French and was the original capital of the island. As you can see from the photos, the houses and such, feel very much like New Orleans, another French founded city! Like NOLA, they also are prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes. In fact, they have practice days throughout the year, where they make sure everyone is aware how to evacuate the city, if/when necessary. Scary, but very cool that it is a group effort and already put in practice! To see the other Saint Lucia posts, view them here: honeymoon packing list, New Name, New Purse: Personalized Crossbody Pouch, I wore the Same Workout Clothes for a week and this is what happened, The Art of Versatility: Floral Dress styled for summer and fall ,Thanksgiving Blues, Now Trending: Maxi Skort Romper Where to Stay in Saint Lucia: Villa Piton Caribbean Castle , Where to  Stay in Saint Lucia: Jade Mountain Resort, and  what's the difference between TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry.

Most people we know who go to Saint Lucia, stayed at their hotel or resort the entire time and didn't leave. While that is understandable, Nick and I are very much the type of people who like to get out and truly experience where we travel! Being able to talk with street vendors, meander down the colorful streets, and live as the locals do (for a couple of hours, at least!).

Back to the topic at hand... because we like to "get out and go", I knew I wanted a zip closure purse, with a shoulder strap, for ease of carrying and so nothing falls out. Because it was my honeymoon, I wanted something with my new initials! This Cuyana Crossbody was PERFECT. You can see I was carrying it that day in the city and every other day, for that matter! It kept both of our iPhone 7 pluses, our passports, and wallet. Throw some chapstick in there, and you are set! If you are going to go rogue on a Wedding Gift and not purchase off of the registry, going the monogram / personalization route is  foolproof way, to do it! (I will be talking about our wedding registry soon, just wanted to fully understand the whole process first, which I couldn't until after the wedding. Side note-  we received awesome gift that were not on our registry and were not our new monogram. Expect both of these topics on our wedding registry post) 

Okay, so I understand that bag is not in everyone's budget, but monogrammable items are! Here are some ideas that are perfect for anyone with new initials...but really anyone in general! I feel like these are great gifts for graduation, Christmas, etc :) Below are some of my favorites! I linked everything in each of the 10 categories for you and explained my thought behind each. Enjoy!

1) Purses - Like I mentioned in my post above, a purse with my new monogram was something that I craved! A girl can always appreciate this, especially if she is going on her honeymoon right after the wedding - perfect for travel!

Initial Canvas Tote | Budget Crossbody | Cuyana Crossbody Pouch


2) Hats - Whether they are headed to the beach or the mountains, head wear is always smart. Keep them stylish and free of the sun, with their new initials! I took the Mrs. one linked below, to Saint Lucia for our honeymoon.

Monogram Sun Hat | Mrs. Sun Hat | Monogrammed Baseball Cap


3) Shoes - Whether it's flip flops for the reception, or for a beachy honeymoon, they are smart and comfy! If you want to splurge a little more, go for the Jacks ;) If you have a fall/winter bride on your hands, the duck boots could not be more perfect!

Flip Flops | Duck Boots | Jack Rogers


4) Apparel - This is the easiest way to wear/ see someone's initials, so if someone is really excited about their new name, this is the way to go!!

Quarter Zip |  Pocket Tee | Flannel


5) Tech - I love these options, because they are more like needs, meaning that they are more likely to get used -  very smart purchases!

Earbud and Charger Holder | Multi Charger Roll Up | Phone Case


6) Towels - Whether it is for the kitchen or the bathroom, towels will always be used, so this is also a smart buy. I think a beach towel is fun, especially if they are going some where tropical! I received one for my high school graduation and still use it!

Kitchen Towels | Bath Towels | Beach Towels


7) Glasswear - These are things that commemorate moments in more of a fancy way than towels or tech. We had wine glasses at our ceremony, with the date and everything. They are some of our favorite ones to use!

Wine Glasses | Platter | Covered Pan


8) Travel - Again, perfect for the honeymoon, but great for travel in general! I can't get enough "useful" presents and these fit into that category.

Weekender | Passport Case | Luggage Tag | Dopp Kitt


9) Professional - Whether it is working for the man, or for themselves, you can never have enough professional, monogrammed items. They are just so classy and timeless!

Work Bag | Business Card Holder | Journal (or planner if they don't use their phone!)


10) Accessories - I have a zip card case keychain and ADORE it. It is such a good present for any age. One of our wedding gifts was an embroidered wine case - it was so sweet!

Zip Card Case Keychain | Wallet | Wine Tote

11) Jewelry - Ladies love their jewels! These are great, subtle way to sport their new name. Switch the cufflinks up and do the married couple monogram, instead of just the guy's intials.

Necklace | Earrings | Cufflinks

Remember when all of the "initial" stuff was a fad? it was when I was in middle school - so funny!! Personally, I think monograms will never go out of style, so it is a safe gift. If you are gifting a bride, just make sure you know what monogram she is using! I am actually keeping my name and just tacking on Mulenos; so, I actually have 2 middles names. That's why I just kept it simple on my crossbody and did "LM". If I had to do 3, I would do LEM, because that is the mark of my "first" middle name. Are you confused yet?!

I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas! I am sticking to my regular posting schedule, so be sure to come back to Southern Elle Style, when you're done opening presents and having family time ;) I'll be talking about what I'm shopping for the day after Christmas AND a look at when I found my wedding dress / tips to think about when shopping for one.

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