What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear

Michael Stars Black Tee | Black Flares (steal or splurge) | Matisse Nugent Booties | Skinny Leopard Belt | Kate Spade Earrings | OPI Kiss me on my Tulips Nail Polish | Rayban Sunglasses

Every girl has that moment, right? You need to get ready asap, but you don't know what to wear.  I mean I have that whether I have to go to work, am going out, or just heading to a simple date night. So, what's my go to? What's my fix for not knowing what to wear? It's quite simple really...I just wear all black. Why? Well...

1) Black is chic. I swear, black is always on point. It's always acceptable. Did you dress up more than anyone else? It's okay. Black isn't too much to handle. Did everyone else dress up more than you? It's okay. Anything black, is instantly at par with everyone else. One of my favorite things to do is pair casual items, with not so casual accessories, so I am a mix of dressing up and dressing down. (confused? I mean something like this look.)

2) Black is easily accessorized. It's seriously a blank canvas. You can pop any color or pattern that you'd like. Leopard is basically a neutral these days, but I still enjoy pairing it with black. It is a classic, for sure.

3) Black goes with every season. It is socially acceptable for all seasons, not just fall and winter. This also means that you can accessorize it to each season, and not just for one outfit. Black is a color that you should only get rid of, because it fades, not because it is out of style.

4) Black always matches black. Unless your black has faded, like I mentioned in number 3, you're golden. Black always goes with other black, no extra thinking required! I know that when I'm running late, I want to look for an outfit that is a no-brainer.

5) Black doesn't show stains. I'm not super messy, but I do occasionally spill, or am spilled on. Not only does it not show, but you can go on living your life like it doesn't happen! Also, black doesn't typically have armpit stains like white does, or even better, it doesn't yellow. To keep your darks from fading, I'd make sure to use some sort of a color locking detergent.

So, what do you wear when you don't know what to wear? I'd love to add your tips to my mental notebook!

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