3 Wardrobe Essentials to Survive the Winter/Spring Transition

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In general, the months between winter and spring are tough. The mornings are cold, the days are warm, and well, the evening does whatever it wants. In Texas, this pattern gets even crazier! I shot this look last Saturday and it was definitely one of those days! That morning, to mid morning, was around 46 degrees. By the time I got to brunch, around 11:30,  it was very warm, you might even go as far to say that it was toasty. You never know what you'll get with Texas weather, so I can't say I'm surprised.

So, how do I cope with the seasons' oddities? I use these three, simple, styling suggestions: 

1) A blanket scarf. My favorite accessory for this time of year, for sure!  Not only do blanket scarves make great additions, but they have the power to change the look of an outfit, quite effortlessly! You can easily remove it if you get too warm, but you also have the ability to use it like a blanket, should you get cold. It's so versatile, that it is a no brainer for these kind of months.

2) A pair of booties. I love a good over the knee boot, as much as the next girl, but when spring comes a knockin', your legs are going to want to be free! Booties are a great way to keep the boot look alive, without causing leg sweat, if it warms up. The only tall  boots I wear in the spring and summer time, are cowboy boots. If you don't have a good pair of booties, I suggest you make them your next investment. A good leather pair will last you forever, if you take care of them. Plus, you can wear them during every season!

3) A plethora of light denim. Light denim isn't my favorite in regard to jeans, but I can definitely appreciate it. I stick to chambray dresses, tops, and shorts. Dark jeans are my weakness, so I don't think light jeans will ever be a staple of my wardrobe. As there can still be some chill left in the air, denim is still a great fabric to wear during this time, as it is generally thicker than other fabrics you might wear, keeping you warmer. Light denim allows you to feel springy, without sacrificing the utility of a darker/normal pair of jeans. 

How do you dress for in-between seasons? Any pieces I should have included?

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