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What to Expect from your First CorePower Yoga Class

What to Expect from your First CorePower Yoga Class

I am a CorePower Yoga ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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Are you often more worried about getting to a new studio, knowing where to go, what to do, and not looking dumb in the process more-so than how hard the actual class will be? New gym anxiety is a real thing, I know! Today I want to take some time to talk about CorePower Yoga, as being anxious about going, shouldn’t keep you from the benefits of yoga!

If you’re new around here, I spoke a lot about CorePower back on this post! I have been an ambassador for almost 2 months now, but before that, I practiced yoga at my gym, and then beforeeee that, I went to a different location of CPY. Prior to CorePower, I liked the idea of yoga, but didn’t really know much about it. I have mentioned it before, but the main thing that makes CorePower different for me, is that they have strong roots in traditional yoga and actually use the Sanskrit phrases. This may seem like a no brainer, but I’ve gone to quite a bit of yoga classes where they don’t even pepper in proper names. I love the history and meaning of yoga. When they focus isn’t on that and your breathing, it feels like a flexibility competition… which is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they don’t try yoga, because they aren’t flexible. That isn’t what it’s about. I promise!! Also I know it is scary. I stayed in C1 classes for a year before I tried C2 and in a way I was holding myself back. Read more about that here.

Prana Dream Bra (old, similar here) | Spanx Faux Leather Leggings | Yoga Mat | Yoga Mat Towel | Sweat Towel | BKR Liter Water Bottle

What makes CPY so impressive to me is that they are a national brand. You can pretty much go anywhere in the U.S. and not only find a CorePower, but get the same traditional yogi flow. Now each studio definitely has its own vibe, but the core of the practice is the same! Once something gets as big as they are, it is sometimes hard to hold onto the original design, but lucky for me (and you!), the traditional yoga world is quite literally their backbone.

Okay now what to expect! CPY just opened a new studio in Dallas (Victory Park if you are local!) so I just went through the new studio jitters, and I’ve been going to CorePower for a while! Yep I still get the nervousness. It’s a lot getting to know a new space, new teachers, and such. The biggest concern for me was parking. I looked on the website for parking information and it mentioned a free garage off Oak Lawn. Next I checked out google street views to see where the garage was, so I wouldn’t be frantic when I got there. Luckily I went for the first time during a non-trafficy time, so I could drive a little slower and it was pretty easy. The layout is different than other studios I’ve been to, but having just visited LA and San Francisco studios recently, the new space wasn’t that bad for me personally.

If you’re heading to CorePower or any new studio for that matter, I recommend these 4 tips.

  1. Research. Know the area/location and what to bring. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already doing this step!

  2. Early. You should try to get to class earlier than exact start time anyway, but especially your first time. You’ll have to fill out paperwork - at CPY you have to sign a waiver. They recommend 15 minutes early, but I was say 20 minutes, just for good measure!

  3. Focus. When you get to class, only focus on you and the movements. It is easier said than done, but my main point is don’t compare yourself to others. Do you!!

  4. Recover. Treat your body well afterwards and drink enough water! You can’t show up on your mat next time if you wear yourself out today.

Okay so now let’s dig in to what to specifically expect at CorePower Yoga!


Arrive 20 minutes early and sign up / sign their waiver. They can do it behind the desk, but they also have an iPad on the wall in the newer studios. Your first class will be free. To be clear, you actually get a free week when you sign up! If you can find out about a new studio opening, you can get the most bang for your buck! For un-opened studios, (new ones!) you can 25% off unlimited yoga! They call this their black tag membership. With it you get unlimited yoga per month without a contract! You also get special events, offers, and the ability to freeze your membership. If you don’t do black tag, you have the option to buy class packs - drop ins (1 class), 5, 10, or 20 classes, with no expiration date. Buuut basically if you take more than 1 yoga class per week, your best option is Black Tag. Prices vary per studio, but drop in classes are usually somewhere between $20-$30. A black tag membership is right at $150 + tax, but you can get it for closer to $100 with a new studio discount or even the discount for signing up during your first (free) week, which also varies per studio. Make sure you download their app on your phone, because you can see all the classes, at every studio, and you can even check in via your phone, if you don’t have a swipe card.

Oh and a bonus with the black tag membership is that you can get 20% off CPY teacher training if you’d like to get your license!

Just for a reference, Dallas prices are usually around these

  • 1 class : $26 per class

  • 5 classes: $25 per class

  • 10 classes: $21.50 per class

  • 20 classes: $19.45 per class

  • Unlimited: $12.50 per class I=if you do at least 12 a month (around 3 a week)


One of my favorite things about CPY is that you don’t have to commit to a class and sign up*. I like this for when life happens, because cancellation fees can be brutal. If this is your first time, try looking up some basic yoga phrases before you arrive, so you will be more comfortable when you hear them. This should def help with jitters. You might even YouTube them, so you can see what they look like/what to expect. On the day of your first class, arrive early and at the very least, be on time, because they lock the doors once class starts. If class starts at 8:00 and you get there at 8:02, you’re out of luck. Bring a yoga mat and a towel. I like to bring a towel for my mat and a face/sweat towel, plus a water bottle. If you don’t have a mat, forget one, or just want to test it before buying, they have mats, towels, and water bottles, for $2 a piece.

When you arrive, you’ll check in and the teacher will tell you which studio go to (1 or 2) and what you’ll need (1 or 2 blocks, a strap). They usually set up the teacher mat to have on it whatever you’ll need as well, so just mimic that if no one says anything. There will be a locker room and a set of lockers. In some studios these are in the actual locker room and in some they aren’t. Some studios have locks for you, some don’t. If you’re really worried about it, call and ask or bring your own lock just in case. Sometimes they have some for rent as well. Once you put your stuff up, head into the studio and place your mat down / get set up. Be aware of your surroundings though. Make note if people are already set up and align with them / make sure you are in “windows” if possible. This just means don’t put your mat directly in front of someone, unless that’s literally the only spot in the room left.

In class, the teacher will ask if you mind being touched, so raise your hand if this bothers you. I personally love it when they touch me, as they are usually correcting me and helping me get stronger. Also, try to stay during the whole class. If you can’t commit to the full hour, try finding a 45 minute class! They do exist. If you do have to leave, make sure you do before savasana (The last post.) It is really distracting for others.

Like I mentioned in the membership section, they have an app where you can see all of the classes and times, but you can also see this on your computer. There are several class types to try out. Something to keep in mind is that CPY is HOT yoga. I personally love it, but trust me, warrior 2 feels a lot different in heat, than in AC. Here are the classes you have to choose from.

  • C1 - Beginner class! Great for people who have never done yoga or want to ease back into it. While it has no added heat or humidity, it is still on the warmer side. Rooms are typically around mid to high 80s. When I took C1, it was often hotter, as the room was heated in the previous class. The flows are typically all the same and the peak posture is crow.

  • C2 - These have heat and humidity and are usually low 90s to 100 degrees, with added humidity. The flows and peak postures vary depending on the teacher. I would recommend a towel for your yoga mat here, as you will sweat. I love my microfiber one, but a regular towel works fine. If you use a microfiber on, spray some water on it pre-class, so your hands don’t slip.

  • Sculpt - This is a cult favorite. If you like weights, this class if for you. You get a traditional yoga flow, with the added benefit of weight lifting. It’s usually around mid 80s to mid 90s, but no added humidity.

  • Hot Power Fusion - This is their hottest class, but it is very beginning friendly. It’s mid 90s to mid 100s, plus added humidity. It focuses on balance, core work, and flexibility.

Some other classes that aren’t that common are C1.5 (inbetween class of C1 and C2), CoreRestore, Reboot and Recover, and C3 (above C2!). These are usually specially offered and may be part of an event. Keep your eyes peeled for these if you are interested and/or ask your home studio!

Side note - I will stay studios vary with heat levels, so keep that in mind! This does affect what you wear. I personally wear leggings, a sports bra or crop top, and then a shirt over that. I take off my shirt in class, because it’s really hot, but also so if I’m going somewhere after, my top isn’t gross. I towel off before putting it back on, and it works like a charm. Sweat also helps activate my microfiber towel, so I appreciate the sweat dropping! If you want to wear a shirt though, DO YOU. No biggie. Personally I would recommend leggings over shorts, because doing yoga in shorts is no fun. Guys wear shorts more than girls, but often they have a spandex layer in them, so the inner thigh isn’t exposed. There are some guys in leggings too! Just not as many. I also always wear a headband to keep my hair out of my face, along with my hair in a ponytail.

Another side note… what to eat before class? I would follow what you normally do for eating/working out. Personally, I always eat something before or at least have something in my stomach from earlier. Lately I’ve been doing lunch classes, so I’ll have a small spinach salad with a boiled egg and avocado. If I go in the morning, I have toast, a banana, or some type of egg scramble. I try to eat an hour before if it is a lunch workout, and just when I can before a morning working. Recently I had a sandwich and truffle chips before a lunch hour yoga and it was not good… I literally kept burping truffles!

*You do have to sign up for 5 studios in NYC and 1 in Costa Mesa, but other than that, you’re good!


After class, put your blocks/strap up, take your belongings, and thank your teacher! If you have any questions, they are usually out front and available. If your first class wasn’t your favorite, I urge you to try again - at least one more time, now that you are more familiar with the process.

If you’ve never done yoga before, your upper body is probably going to be sore. Chaturangas are no joke!!

And of course, make sure you drink a lot of water. This is a must after exercising, but a necessity after sweating out so much fluid during hot yoga!


Like I said, I love that I can travel and still practice yoga with my membership. When traveling, I bring a water bottle and a mat towel and sweat towel, but I borrow the actual yoga mat from my hotel, or rent one for $2.

If all of these details still make you anxious, maybe try CPY virtually! They have Yoga on Demand! You test it for a week free of charge. After that, it is $20 a month or you can get it bulk priced at $200 a year. You can stream this from where-ever, which makes it very doable and affordable!

Still have questions?! I tried to think of anything possible you could need to know, but shoot me an email at Lauren@LMentsOfStyle.com or comment here. Happy to help, as I truly believe the world would be better with more yoga!! I try to go 3 times a week and it is awesome. Try to git it into your schedule when you can!

Bonus Tip: I like to put peppermint essential oil on my pressure points and behind my ears, so when I sweat, it smells like a spa!

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