What I did at NYFW SS18

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Photography by David Coe Photo

English Factory Blouse | Madewell Silk Bandana | J. Brand Jeans | Cuyana Oversized Carryall Tote | Booties

Two things. Similar thoughts, but separate topics.

1) People think fashion week is this glaaaaamorous time

2) People don't actually know what people do when they attend fashion


I guess it is kind of glamorous if you think of all the clothes and such, but fashion week is actually pretty gritty and tiring and I'm not just talking about all the walking you do. As far as not knowing what actually goes on, that's why I'm here!

People typically attend fashion week to:

-go to shows and presentations. duhhhh. I mean hello, this is what the week revolves around! A show is much like where you see models walking in a traditional fashion, whereas a presentation just has models there for you to view. Most are at Skylight Clarkson, but there are some other locations peppered in there.

-meet with brands and pr companies. A TON of brands are based in NYC, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the trip and get some face time with them. Same with PR companies. It is more likely that you will get invitations and collaborations with them if you have a working relationship with them.

-be seen and network. I guess this is kind of another duh. People dress to be noticed and sometimes not in a good way if you know what I mean. There are typically tons of parties and events to go to, so even if you aren't staying with a blogger bestie, you can meet up with them at some time or another.

Since this was my first fashion week, I didn't want to overwhelm myself, PLUS it was Nick's first trip to New York. That being said, I didn't pack my schedule and could definitely take on more next time. Anyway, here's what I did!


Thursday September 7.

-Arrived in NYC around 11 am. We went to the Frederick Hotel and dropped off our luggage so we could go get a bite to eat before we checked into our room. We got checked in around 2 and I took a little nap, then got ready for my photo shoot.

-At 4pm I shot all my NYFW with Photography by David Coe Photo. It was so nice to get them all out of the way, so I didn't have to worry about it annnnnd could use the pics as content while I was there.

-We got back to the hotel around 5:30 and got ready for dinner. Nick snagged us a 10:30pm reservation at the coveted Blue Hill in Greenwich Village, so we bar/snack hopped until then. We actually were able to get in around 9:15 by sitting at the bar. We actually love sitting at the bar at restaurants because bar tenders are typically really cool. It was amazing. Best tomatoes I have EVER had. (among other things!)


Friday September 8.

-Woke up and had a breakfast meeting at Little Park, right across from our hotel. After that we ubered to our next destination.

-I arrived at rewardStyle HQ's retreat, which was a penthouse with goodies and of course a place to fluff up and rest! I then took photos at the Like to Know It heart wall, which was just down the street from it.

-Next stop was BaubleBar HQ. It was so cool to see and meet the people I email back and forth with there! Their show room was the absolute cutest!

-Some people don't really eat during fashion week, but not me! We grabbed a bite at Eataly. We ate at the little wine bar and I had the best prosciutto sandwich of my life!

-Next we went back to the hotel and napped until we met our friends for dinner in west village! We actually ended up taking the subway there and continued taking it throughout our time there. Nick loved it! We ate at a little family owned Italian spot, then walked around. We stumbled upon a speakeasy located in the top of a Five Guys and Fries...so random but so fun! Next I went to the bathroom in probably the grossest stateside bathroom I have ever seen!! But bathrooms are definitely not easy to come by in NYC. We then grabbed a bottle of wine and relaxed in Union Square.


Saturday September 9.

-We woke up kind of early and took the subway to the Upper East Side, so Nick could see Central Park. We then went to brunch at The Smith, which was wonderful!

-I then hightailed it to the Flat Iron District to see the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo presentation. It was kind of a nightmare, because they actually had to move it, because of PETA protesters. When I arrived, I didn't realize there was a media line, so I waited in the normal line for probably 30 minutes. What a waste!! By the time I found the media line and got to the front, the models had rapped just as I was getting let in. Oh well, I can say that I was there! I for sure learned something!

-Next was a fashion show at a home outside the city that had actually been turned into a museum! Yuna Yang had her fashion show there and the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum served as the perfect place for it! It was held in the garden and her collection was all about saving the earth and such. It was beautiful.

-After that adventure, we headed back to our hotel to rest before evening festivities. I had the Like to Know It Rooftop party and Nick was headed to West Village to watch the Baylor football game. I rode the subway by myself in the tallest heels I own, which was a mistake on multiple accounts! I stayed for about an hour, then took an Uber to meet up with the Baylor watch party.


Sunday September 10.

-I woke up and crammed down a granola bar, because I had a 9 am show at Skylight Clarkson. It was a short subway ride away, so not bad! The Francesca Liberatore show was awesome. I loved all the colors and trends she incorporated. It was the definition of a the type of fashion show you think occurs during fashion week.

-After that, I grabbed a smoothie and rode the subway back toward the hotel and grabbed lunch. We rested and packed up to spend some more time exploring! I took Nick to see the Freedom Tower and the memorial, as well was Wall Street and the bull statue. It was cool seeing the brave little girl statue- I hadn't seen it in person yet!

-After that we went back to the hotel, I changed into comfy close, then took the most nauseating ride to the airport, where we got to eat McDonald's for dinner. The perfect ending...LOL


So is that what you expected the week to be like?  It's definitely not the most packed schedule, but it was a great way to start out! If you have any questions, I actually wrote 11 tips and tricks that I learned from my first NYFW here. Thank you for reading - I hope you found it insightful!!

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