What happens if you don't shop the Nsale ASAP

***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe. Opinions are my own.

MinkPink Nothing Like the Wild Romper | Kendra Scott Earrings and Cuff | OPI Be there in a Prosecco Nail Polish | Lace up Sandals

Things sell out. That's what happens! The romper I'm wearing was from Nordstrom, but thankfully I found it elsewhere, because it was GONE in a jiffy. P.S. this post's pictures were from my recent trip to Le Soleil d'Or in Cayman Brac. If you liked these photos, you'll like my other posts on sunscreen tipsLe Soleil d'Or resort review, Golden Sun Cayman Farm review and Red Dress Round-Up

Nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy, right? In all realness, before you come at me saying that I'm materialistic, if you don't shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you're life will go on. It's actually not a bad thing to shop sales. They can actually be very helpful and that's what the Nsale does for me! Need tips on shopping the public access Nordstrom sale or any sale, the smart way? Check out this post, that also has my top picks under $100!

Anyway, I use the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to get basics that I can use throughout the year. Sure, you can nab some good trendy and even designer pieces, but that's just not what I go for!

So what are my favorite purchases thus far? If you have been reading other blogs and such I probably seem boring, but these boots, this dress, and this tee dress are my favorite pieces. I will wear the heck out of them!  You might say they are #basic, but those dresses can be layered and worn SO many ways. Also, for guys this sale is AWESOME. I got Nick this shirt and these jeans. At least in Nick's case, he wears what he loves so much and then moves on to the next thing, meaning he wears them until they die. I know he will dig that shirt for sure and as for the jeans? He ripped his nice DL1961 ones playing ping pong...Yes, I'm marrying him in 99 days, haha.

I wanted this post to include items that were $200 and under, because what I gravitate to and what I think are most useful throughout the year, are shoes. I'm much more willing to pay $200 for a pair of shoes, than I am to pay for a dress. They are worn more, so if they are good quality, you are going to yield a better cost per wear with them, because they'll have a longer life. #worth it. So, here ya go! My top picks under $200:






Have you bought anything? What are your favorite pieces?

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***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe. Opinions are my own.