Daniel Wellington Watch For Less

Photos by Sarah Kelly Photography

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If you don't know the Daniel Wellington name, then you have at least seen them and didn't realize it. If you haven't, you have probably been living under a rock and have bigger fish to fry...

I've admired the brand for 4-5 years and am so impressed with how much traction that have gained since I first fell in love with them. 

Daniel Wellington watches are classy as all get out and literally go with everything. They aren't the most expensive watch on the market, but they sure aren't the cheapest either. Their quality and impeccable design make them stellar and worth the buy, but it still can be a big buy, especially if you don't budget for it.

Well friends, I have a solution for you!! Enter Jomashop. I stumbled upon them a couple months back and am so glad I did, because they have designer stuff for way less. If you are in the market for a new watch, be it DW or not, you need to check them out,  because they are totally legit and significantly less! You're welcome.

Don't believe me? Typically the watch I'm wearing sells for about $160. At jomashop, they have it for $89.99. What? Yes it's true!

Do you have a Daniel Wellington watch? Do you wish you would have known about this site sooner?

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