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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

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A week from today is the day of sugary hearts and lots of love! But. Maybe you feel less than that or just hate the holiday. I feel you. I really do! But hey. If I can get over not enjoying v-day (one time I was dumped on saint valentine’s day;) ), so can you! Side note, if you want some good candy, I can’t put down Trader Joe’s strawberry licorice. SO GOOD. (skip their v-day gummies)

These images are shot at Hotel Boulderado! Would be a dreamy place to spend v-day;)

Aerie Grl Pwr Graphic Tee | Pajama Shorts

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was as big of a holiday as anything else, as my mom loves all things heart shaped. We’d always do something fun and get a valentine’s day goodie! We still do! It’s never really been about significant others for me. Maybe because I never really had a boyfriend for v-day? But again, I think the credit goes to my parents.

Fast forward to today and I still celebrate my girls! I write them valentine’s day cards (bought these cute cards this year) and send them some loving snail mail. (I did miss 2017 because I was recovering from wedding planning - hah!) For several years I held a Galentine’s brunch, too! Cooking and giving gifts are some of my love languages if you couldn’t tell ;) For me the day, is all about showing love to those you love, whatever way that may be.

Nowwwww, I couldn’t talk about Valentine’s day and not mention Nick! This will actually be our SIXTH v-day together! We went on our first official date in January of 2014, so our first Valentine’s Day we were still in the early stages. He invited me over and made me his mom’s parmesan chicken. To this day we still cook a meal together on Valentine’s Day instead of going out, not only because it’s cost effective and avoiding crowds, but it’s something we truly love to do! Whether it is making heart shaped pizzas or sizzling up a steak, cooking together builds a better relationship AND it tastes good ;)

I always re-share this post around this time of year, but I wrote it back in 2016. It’s called Date Someone Who Makes You Better. I’ve had countless people thank me for writing this and how it changed their perception of their relationship for the better… in some cases even ending the relationship! Nick truly does make me better and I’m so happy to be with him.

When it comes to gifts with my family for v-day we do small goodies. With Nick we have pretty much done everything! One year we had no budget (he bought me Tom Ford. Can we go back to this gift year?), one year we took a trip, another time we did a DIY valentine’s day. This year we have a $50 budget. I’m not going to share what I got him here since he reads this, but you’ll find out soon! I wanted to share a couple fun gift ideas with y’all; however, if you want a more in depth, I did a ton of valentine’s gift ideas for him and her here. For some fun gifts to yourselves, your female fame, or you besties, see all my picks below $50 below! P.S. if you still need guy ideas after looking at the above post, check out my christmas gift guide for him. Works for v-day too!

I love y’all and am so thankful for your readership!! Hope you have a sweet valentine’s day, whatever you may be doing! XOXO

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