Tulum Photographer: BEATATUM

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Photos c/o BEATATUM Tulum Photographer

Bardot Adley Dress | Steven Greece Slides | J. Crew Seersucker Shirt | J. Crew Shorts | Nordstrom Loafers

Nick and I were in Mexico about a month ago, for less than 72 hours. It doesn't seem like a long time - and it wasn't...we could have stayed much longer. BUT in that short time, we were able to do and see a lot. We were enjoying ourself at Mukan Resort, and I stumbled upon a message from Bea of Beatatum. I didn't think we'd have enough time to meet up, but she was persistent and I'm so thankful she was!! She originally mentioned a sunrise photo shoot on the beaches of Tulum, but we wouldn't be able to make it in time for that. So, we settled for a mid-afternoon shoot at the hottest part of the day. You know...smart decision!

Just cutting to the chase, overall, Nick and I were floored by Bea's work. We met her initially at Arca - she arrived in Tulum style, on the cutest bicycle, ready to shoot. I know from looking at Bea's work prior to meeting that she could capture freeze frame sheer romance and make it look easy. I've always said that a good photographer makes you look better than you are and in the blistering heat of Mexico, Nick and I were about 95% sweat. Bea made us look like a dream, which takes an eye and talent.

Speaking of talent, she took us out of our posing comfort zone and made us look like naturals. Bea was also super creative with her shots. It might sound like something every photographer does, but I've been with a myriad of photographers and only a handful get those really cool shots. Also living in the bloggersphere, it's really easy to get caught up with certain poses. I think I was most impressed with her photos with our rental car. Like who makes a dirty jeep look that good?!

On top of being an amazing photographer, Bea is the sweetest human. She and her husband Aron (and their two kids) moved from Hungary to Mexico, earlier this year! They do weddings together -she shoots and he does the video. Like how sweet?! So if you're in Mexico for a destination wedding, an engagement shoot, or even a honeymoon shoot, you want BEATATUM to take your photos! Heck, maybe you're just having a vacation and want to document it, like me and Nick!

Anyway, you can probably SEE everything I'm saying in the images, so enjoy!! Bea is amazing. I'm currently I'm trying to figure out when we can get back to Tulum to get that beach sunrise photoshoot! 

Side note - Nick didn't pack anything that was photoshoot worthy, so we are so happy that his outfit ended up looking good with the shoot! For reference, we shot at Arca, Hartwood, Mur Mur, and the parking lot of Casa Banana.

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