Where to Stay near Tulum: Mukan Resort

Thanks to Mukan Resort for working with me. All opinions are my own.

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I'm currently curled up on my coach, listening to the pitter patter of the rain in Dallas, and reminiscing of the sun and sand in Mexico. My birthday was a little over a week ago and instead of getting me a "thing" as a gift, Nick took me on a mini vacation! 

We flew into Cancun on a Friday afternoon and immediately went to pick up our rental car. We drove 1.5 hoursish to Tulum, had dinner at Nu, then made our trek to Mukan Resort. I say trek, because it took us 2 hours to get there once in Tulum! It had of been a little different had we not left Tulum at 10:30ish pm...

Let me paint you a picture. It's pitch back and we come to what looks like the dead end of the ever popular Tulum beach road. There's a man sitting outside with the road blocked off, which marks the entrance to the Sian Kaan Reserve. Sian Kaan is a World Heritage site biosphere reserve in Quintana Roo, specifically Tulum. It's nestled between a lagoon (which we weren't allowed to swim in because of gators) and the Mexican Caribbean Sea. The road was just "re-done" but was super bumpy and had more potholes that the old I-635 in Dallas. I think the thing we were most thankful for on the trip was the fact that Nick upgraded to a Jeep, so we'd have 4 wheel drive. YOU NEED IT. For some reason, I was able to sleep during the car...a car ride that left bruises on my knees from hitting the side of the door, mind you! Anyway, we finally roll up to Mukan Resort around 1 am and the lovely staff is just waiting for us! They popped a bottle of Mexican wine (cue the Weezer song) and took us to our room, where we almost immediately fell asleep to the sound and breeze of the ocean. Side note - if driving isn't your style, you can also arrive by boat or helicopter. 

We were tempted to sleep in the next morning, but because our trip was so short, we wanted to have the entire day! We began the day with sunrise meditation, followed by breakfast which involved a green juice and the best chorizo of my life. After that, we went back to the room and slathered on sunscreen and swimsuits topped with workout clothes to head to yoga at the lagoon! After an hour of getting me zen, we were greeted with a green smoothie, dragon fruit, and this local chili powder that was to die for. What should have happened next we me going to apply more sunscreen, but instead I booked it for the beach, where I read a couple chapters of a book then fell asleep like a cat. About an hour later, Nick woke me up and was like "you're  looking a little pink..." Whoops. I knew better than that!! We took a break, then headed in for some lunch.

After eating enough guacamole for a small army, we cleaned up and napped for a bit. We decided to be adventurous and wandered into the nearby fishing town and drove to the very end of the peninsula, where the ocean meets the lagoon. It was stunning and definitely something to remember! After what seemed like forever on a tiny road, we made it back to Mukan, just in time for sunset drinks, where we hung out with the staff and another couple staying at the resort. There are 10 rooms at Mukan, so it's pretty intimate. (They have some villas, a family friendly space, and some bungalows!) There was only one other couple staying while we were there, so it was basically a private beach resort, though I can't imagine it being much different when it's fully booked. To cap off the night, we dined under the stars, and even saw Mars! You have an amazing view of the stars at Mukan, especially at the lagoon. It was simply breathtaking. 

The next morning, we did meditation again, ate breakfast, and finished getting photos and coverage to share with you guys! Whenever we travel, I'm typically the one reaching out to places to stay, but Nick actually reached out to Mukan on my  behalf! He did so good, I feel like I need to permanently assign him this task ;) Anyway, we stopped for a short time in Tulum for lunch and something else that I'll share later, then made it back to return the car and fly back to Dallas. 

Like I mentioned...a really quick trip, but I feel like we accomplished a lot in the short time. We'd 10/10 recommend it! Mukan is one of those places that has everything you want and then some. Secluded? Check. Good food? Check. Private beach? check. Like seriously. So good! I think the only "Bad" things is that we didn't remember to get a beach cocktail (and WE know they would have been great.), we didn't have time to try out the spa, and the beach had a lot of seaweed, so we didn't really swim. There has actually been a seaweed infestation in all of Tulum, but the experts say that it will be gone come resort season. Guess it means we have to go back for Nick's birthday;)

Whether you're looking for a place to get away from reality or a honeymoon destination, you're sure to be pleased and pampered at Mukan Resort!

Side note - I got a lot of questions about feeling safe. Yep! We felt 100% safe at Mukan!

Extra tidbit - They were actually featured in Texas Weddings magazine this summer as a premier destination!

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Thanks to Mukan Resort for working with me. All opinions are my own.