Trend Alert: Smaller Round Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters Crop Top | Madewell Long Cardigan | Floral Flounce Maxi Skirt (in shirt form, too!) | Ray-ban 50mm Aviator Sunglasses (I love these purple ones too!)| Marc Fisher Annie Wedges | Vince Camuto Kayleena Tassel Platform LoaferDaniel Wellington Classic Black Watch

Soooo what's the first thing y'all notice here? I'm actually wearing two different pair of shoes!! I went into the shoot with these platform loafers - I thought it would add some cool edge to my look! I started taking the photos and I was like yeahhhh this isn't me. I'm not cool enough. I feel like I was trying to channel the Olsen Twins and failed. Side note - I am still as of obsessed with them today as I ever was. I have reoccurring dreams where I am best friends with them!! Anyway, I decided to show you both of the looks. Do you like it better with the sneaks or the wedges?!

Honestly this whole outfit is one of my faves (if you are nervous about wearing crops, read this!) - this cardigan is the softest and is on sale. (I think I need to get it in black too!!) Even though I like it all, my favorite part are the sunnies!

Have y'all noticed an increase of smaller, not as overstated, circle sunglasses? I first noticed them when my friend Lauren wore them on this post and I fell in love.  Ever since I saw her wear them, I have been seeing more and more of them and I love it! Don't get me wrong...I still love and wear the oversized look, however, I adore this less is more look! To clarify, when I say "smaller", I'm referencing sunglasses that are at or between 45mm-53mm. The ones I'm wearing here are 50mm. I rounded up some of my favorite styles of all price ranges for ya! Widgets are below the photo and categorized by budget. 

Under $100 - You can find great sunglasses for under $100, but I typically only spend this if it is something super trendy and I don't want to spend a lot on them.

Under $200 - This is my personal sweet spot for sunglasses! I like getting polarized lenses, especially since I wear contacts most of the time. I find that if I spend a little more, that I am more responsible with them and am less apt to misplace them. I know some people who will buy cheap ones because they always break them or lose them. They might be saving money upfront; however, if you add up the sunglasses they buy throughout the year, it could very well equal up to one pair of "nicer sunglasses", so it's really not saving much, unless they really would lose the nicer pair. Read more on cost per wear here.

200+ - The only sunnies I have ever had in this range are my Karen Walkers. There are some pretty good dupes out there, but you can tell the difference in the weight of the product and the cratfsmanship...even the packaging! I'm not saying to spend this much, but if you do, make sure they are worth it!

So, how do you like this trend? I think it is a good one! My sister wears the more hippy-esque round sunglasses, but I can't pull those off; so, this is my version of participating in the trend. Have any favorite styles I missed? Let me know in the comments below, so I can check them out!

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