Thoughts on Being Original

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If you couldn't tell, I've been having a lot of self-reflective moments lately. My last post was on Giving Credit where Credit is Due and this one is going to be done in a similar fashion. I suggest you read the other one first. 

Last year from about August - December I was SO burned out on blogging. I was trying to keep up with all the N-sale stuff and never really got my head back out of water. I kind of had this moment where I was like what am I doing? The whole reason I started this blog is to 1) help others and 2) write whatever the heck I want to write about. How did I go wrong? WHERE did I go wrong?

Just looking at the evolution of my blog, I've come SO far. My content is really what I take pride in. I used to just write things like "hey, here's a dress I like. buy it." Okay not exactly, but pretty much. And yeah there are times when a post isn't as deep or isn't as insightful as others, but I'm usually pretty honest about it if I think a post is going that route. It's my goal for you to learn at least one thing you didn't know before you hit the "x" out button. It sounds pretty easy, but I've read plenty of content where it's the same old stuff I already knew or click bate that really just ruins credibility with me. I also try to lay out everything in an easy to read format like paragraphs and bullet points, ESPECIALLY if I am reviewing or explaining something. Y'all may not even notice, but often times, the way I do things on LMents of Style is based on things I like and don't like from other blogs and websites. I never want you to be annoyed or not want to come back. I want to keep evolving and that is what I'm talking about today. The NEED to evolve.

It's really easy for me to get burned out or in a rut, but even worse, it's easy to become complacent. So much so that you don't even realize it!  I mean I just realized that I have been complacent lately. I was styling photos how other people took photos, because I thought I had to. I think in a way, this Instagram algorithm has been the worst thing and the best thing. If you didn't know,  Instagram has changed their algorithm and most people are mad about it. A year ago, I'd get at least 1000 likes on at least one picture a week. Today, it's a good day if my photo breaks 300. It has been somewhat detrimental to those relying on Instagram income and has caused an increase in buying followers and other ways "get around" the algorithm...which actually makes it harder for everyone in the influencer field. I have literally been at 25,000 instagram followers for a year. Over a year, really?! Any followers I gain, I end up losing some. It sucks. BUT, like I said, it has kind of been the best thing for me, as well! It has made me realize that I needed to step it up. Not like get better because I suck, but get my edge again. I need to get out of my lukewarm bathtub even though it is comfy. I need to truly focus on my blog, and make everything about LMents of Style, really me, not a mixture of all the million trillion bloggers in Dallas.

You're probably like okay, 4 paragraphs in now. Get to the point! So here's the point. Lately I've been seeking inspiration on purpose, meaning not just screenshotting things I see on Instagram, but setting aside time to be inspired. I'm trying to not only focus on my content, but on my images as well. (like how I pose or present product) Just yesterday, I was trying to shoot some stuff for y'all and just wanted to get it done - I was over it. I pointed to a spot and Nick was like...didn't you just say you wanted to shoot better? I think your days of just pointing to a random white garage are over. LOL. This is why it's important to surround yourself with people who know your dreams and standards and keep you to them. There's nothing wrong with having that same dress as everyone else, but at the same time, don't just try to "fit in". Your uniqueness is what makes you special. That being said, I'm really trying to be more original with y'all as a whole. This is my natural desire but somewhere I got lost along the wayWhy the heck was I "posing" like so and so or trying to look like so and so? It's good to be inspired by someone, but you don't have to be just like someone else, to be liked! BE YOURSELF. 

An easy way to be original is to stay inspired. I urge you guys to make an effort to inspired whether you're a blogger, work in finance, or teach kindergarten. How so? Go where you feel inspired. If you cant "go," check out Pinterest. I religiously watch A Drink with James, which is a YouTube channel for James Nord of Fohr, an influencer network and such. On a recent show, it was suggested that you put your Pinterest app where your Instagram app is and you'll accidentally click on that, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. You'll be amazed how often you "accidentally" end up on Pinterest...or at least I was. It's really the only social app that is guaranteed to inspire you in some way? How do y'all keep yourself inspired? Another fool proof way to do so is to surround yourself with likeminded people, including your social feeds. I'm lucky enough to have really inspirational besties like:

Lauren Kay Sims

Kami Blease


 I also know several Dallas Bloggers who are equally as inspirational like:

Always Coco by Courtney Newell

Paige Martindell (@PaigeForrest) a local fitness instructor

Rebecca Patton, the photographer behind Beckley Co.


I also have been inspired lately by:

Audrey Stowe (@audreymadstowe) - she does the best campaigns. They don't feel like an ad AT ALL.

Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney - I loved her for a while and actually met her last NYFW. She had a commercial come out recently and it was BOMB. I'm so proud of her use of the influencer space.

Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity - Her content is always amazing, as well as everything else she does.

Freddie Harrel - She's a UK blogger and I think she is STUNNING. I love seeing her European type of posts, which inspire me daily, because they are different from my over saturated feed.

Mary Krosnjar (@MKSportsanista) - I love her style and her images. She also has the ability to make NFL style look high fashion!


Oh dear, I feel like I have been rambling, but it all needed to be said. Here's some things you can expect in the coming weeks and months from LMents of Style:

A new instagram filter! Do y'all like it? I recently bought the Marina McAvoy filter because I just thought it was something I needed to do to be more cohesive and really have an "LMents of Style vibe." It was also the first filter I found that wasn't too millennial pink or orange / turquoise. Do y'all like it? Considering getting the desktop preset - right now I just have the mobile filter. Side note - I learned about this preset from Katey McFarlan.

Continued beauty segments. I've really sunk my teeth in with this nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty movement and I'm not moving any time soon. I love sharing and y'all have expressed you love it as well. I like it for the benefits, but I also love that it gives me a platform to stand on. You'd be surprised how many beauty campaigns come up that are involved in either animal testing or toxicity levels. It makes it really easy to say no and really cast "my vote" with my money.

More YouTube. Late last year I began a YouTube channel. I'm hoping to grow it more in all genres. It's really fun for me, just takes more time than I'm used to.

Fresh content. Yesterday I did a giveaway and one of the requirements to win was write a comment on a recent blog post and say things you'd like for me to cover. I LOVE reading these. Y'all continue to inspire me.

Andddd of course, less garage doors. That will keep ya inspired! Unless they are really cool;) Thank you so much for reading and witnessing my rambling. I hope I have inspired you even just a little bit. XOXO

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