The Evolution of Personal Style

Madewell 10" Hank Wash Jeans | Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o) | Dolce Vita Pacer Slides

Seasons come and go and with that comes natural changes, but isn't it funny how our taste changes as well? Now I know our tastebuds do change - I used to hate sweet potatoes and now I don't...BUT, I'm talking about fashion taste. For example, if you would have told me I'd wear a shirt with bell sleeves +  a cinched bottom AND light denim a few years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy. (actually mentioned that about light jeans here!) But aren't they cute?!

One of my favorite classes in college was called "Trends and Forecasting". I remember one day we did an exercise with old movies. Not only does the technology change from year to year, but clothes do too! You may not remember what year a movie came out, but you can usually guess correctly by the apparel people are wearing. I'm more of a classic style, but I do intercept trends from time to time and this bell sleeve shirt is one of them! I love gravitating to pieces that can be spun in a classic sense, so I can get more wear out of them. I'm not one to get rid of something just because it is "out". I haven't changed much in body size, so I still have some stuff I wear from when I was in 8th grade!

What's that phrase? The more things change, the more they stay the same? Hah! In reality, nothing is actually changing. Things just get shorter or longer, wider or skinnier, or darker or lighter! How has your style evolved over the years? Wearing anything you thought you never would?

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