How to Style Oversized Apparel

Show Me Your Mumu Frond of You The Best Pants (I'm wearing a S) | Cuyana Oversized Carryall (small version here) | American Eagle Crop Top | Baublebar Earrings | Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses (budget option here)

So by now, y'all know that I love Show Me Your Mumu. It's run by women, made in the USA, and basically wrinkle free. I mean what more could you want?! Anyway, they just came out with this print... it's not only super cute, but the name is "frond of you". They have the wittiest little names, which made me love them even more.  To be honest, I don't wear a lot of their pants (bambam bells), because they typically only look good on tiny girls, but these  babies are another story. They are literally called The Best Pants and they so are! For a pant like this, I would pair it with a more fitting top or a crop that shows just a sliver of skin. If you are worried about a crop, I actually did a post on "how to style a crop top without looking tacky"! Do the same for a maxi skirt.

Onto my bag! This is the bag among bags! You might recognize it, because I actually have the small version. Don't get me wrong. I love the smaller version - it is perfect for travel; however, this bag is perfect for a purse for me, but would also do well as a carry-on/travel bag! I actually have a overnight bag from the same brand that I adore using on planes, so that's my go to! Cuyana (the brand behind these bags) has a mantra of "fewer better". They believe better products that last longer and I couldn't agree more. Can't have a purse that breaks on you! I am particularly in love with this oversized carryall, because I shove everything in my purse! From my laptop, to my camera, I can put everything in my bag and still can zip it! How to style this baby? With everything!! Because it fits everything!! I mean you just can't go wrong with it, especially if you get stuck carrying your husband's wallet, keys, etc. (lol)

As a general rule of thumb when styling oversized apparel, don't make the whole thing's all about proportions! If you are wearing an oversized dress, cinch it with a belt or put your hair up, so you don't look like a blob. If you have a larger skirt or pant, make sure you're wearing something form fitting or tucked in your top, so something breaks ups the excessive fabric. Another example would college girl style (yes I am going there). An oversized tee can be paired with leggings and be okay, but with Nike shorts it's not. Just trust me and STOP DOING IT. ;)

Oh and if you like this print, here's some other items with the same perfect palm print!

Do you gravitate toward or away from oversized apparel? How do you style it?

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