The Easiest (and most economical) way to buy a new mattress ft. Tuft and Needle

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If you're reading this, you're probably a millennial. Not a bad thing, just the truth. The majority of my readers are females between 18-35, surprise, surprise haha. I know that millennials get a bad rap, but I think some of their characteristics push for awesome outcomes. Now I myself am -a millennial, so I may be a little biased. ..but let's see what you think!

I carry strong traits of a millennial- I am go-go-go so I like being time efficient. I strongly value customer service and think that it can make or break a company. Because I'm always busy, I'm willing to spend more on niche services; however,  love a good deal. Finding companies who cater to all of these things is like finding GOLD. Well, a couple of months ago I ran across Tuft and Needle and they fit the bill! 

I moved from my 695 square foot apartment in the medical district, to my 1497 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment in the design district, about a month ago. I brought over all my current bedroom stuff and put it in the guest room, but still needed master bedroom items. Nick will eventually move in after we get married, so I wanted to get a new bed! He's a big guy, so the only thought that even crossed my mind when it comes to mattresses, was California King! Now for the hard part, or so I thought...finding a mattress that didn't kill my bank account. I researched a couple places and that's how I found Tuft and Needle. 

Tuft and Needle is an online mattress company that not only ships it to your door, but have insanely low prices! Their mattresses come in all bed sizes and are top of the line. They are a foam mattress, so as soon as you take it out of the boxes they stand to expand. It's kind of crazy! Here's a video that Tuft and Needle shows in real time!

So what makes their mattresses cool? Because they literally are cool, ya know. Their foam has wicking properties that immediately begin distributing heat evenly throughout the bed, keeping you at the perfect temperature. When I initially touch the mattress it doesn't feel room temperature - it feels like the bed of your dreams! You would think that such cool features would cost a lot, but in reality, it's a deal! Not to mention that you can use it with our without a box spring, so that also cuts cost! And best of all, you can shop for your mattress without ever getting out of your pajamas! If you're leary of buying a mattress online, don't you fret. They have a 100 night, money back guarantee, plus a 10 year warranty! If you're in need of a  new mattress (or even if you're not) you should def give Tuft and Needle a chance!

Have you tried an online mattress before? Did you like it?  Sweet dreams!

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