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Sustainable Sneakers ft. Rothy's

Sustainable Sneakers ft. Rothy's

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you already heard some of this, but I’m going to go through all of it again and in more detail today, as I’m super excited about it! I’ve made it a mission of mine to share more sustainable and eco-friendly brands and today I get to add to the list that I’ve already shared! I’m stoked to talk about Rothy’s with you today!

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That headline is that Rothy’s is a footwear brand that makes shoes from recycled plastic bottles. That sounds really simple, but it is a much bigger picture than that. Did you know over 90% of the world’s plastic does not get recycled? To date Rothy’s has recycled more than 36 million bottles!! They basically chip plastic water bottles, melt them into pellets, then form them into fibers that can be woven into shoes.

While the bulk of the shoe is made from recycled plastic, Rothy’s doesn’t stop the sustainability train there. Their outsoles are comprised of vegan, recyclable, carbon-free rubber and TPU and their insoles are made of recycled foam. To top it off, their shoes are put together with vegan, non-toxic adhesive. Something I look for when shopping is how practical something is. I love that Rothy’s can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning! They are also great for travel as they are comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

I personally have the sneakers, but Rothy’s also has a rounded or pointed toe flat, and a loafer. They don’t make shoes for men right now, but they do have some for kids! With all these feel good notes, it’s hard to say no when free shipping and free returns are thrown in! I know they are somewhat pricey, butttt they are sustainable, which comes with a price AND they will last for a while, so your cost per wear should go down. Regarding sizing I am wearing 8.5 like normal, but I have narrow feet, so I think I would size up for sure if you have regular / wide feet. My sneakers are a little snug, but not enough for me to return them.

I was gifted these shoes by Absolut Vodka, at their Absolut Juice launch, a couple fo weeks ago. It’s the vodka you love, but with some added pure, fruit juice! This cuts down the sugar intake you might find in a cocktail, but doesn’t take away the flavor. The reason they gifted Rothy’s is because Absolut is “Planet Earth’s favorite vodka” and they wanted to share another sustainable brand! Absolut has always been a champion of sustainable and eco-friendly practices, but they have decided to step up their game and commit to more even assistance regarding our planet. “From seed to sip” they make sure they are making the best decisions possible. For starters, their production facility is in Sweden, which is one of the most sustainable places in the world. Among other things, the farming is more efficient there. Additionally the wheat that doesn’t end up getting used for Absolut finds its way to local animal troughs. No waste!! An example of Absolut’s recent endeavors was cleaning up Ballona Creek in Los Angeles. You can find more about the cause on their website, but I just wanted to mention a few, to paint the picture for you.

Have you tried Rothy’s? It’s the perfect time to try a more sustainable shoe! Plus, I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the go and my Rothy’s are cute and comfy, and ready to go too! #noblisters

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