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If y'all have pets, you know they are for sure like a member of the family. Recently we had a scare where Cat ate a lily, which is highly poisonous. She had to stay overnight at the the vet and it was horrible! They fed her charcoal to coat her intestines and pumped fluid through to hopefully make the poison pass through her and not attack her kidneys. She had to get pricked so many times, she was very bruised from her iv - it made me cry just to look at her! (you can see where her fur is growing back on her sweet arms). Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that we would do anything for our pets, including feeding them the very best. I cared about Cat's help before that incident, but I care even more so now!

Enter Freshpet! I received Freshpet in the mail (on ice, because it is shipped fresh!) and when I brought it up to the apartment, Cat immediately went crazy! I could barely get the inner package open, because she kept climbing and batting at it. Talk about an instant hit! I meannnn in general she loves food (and water for some odd reason!), but I've never seen her act like this with food!

Freshpet was created by pet lovers who knew we could all feed our animals better. They make their food with real ingredients. One of my favorite quotes from them is that "it's not pet food, it's food food." Now I'm not going to eat it, but I could if I wanted to! 97% of their produce comes from the U.S.A. and 70% of it comes from local farms. Their ingredients are all natural and do not contain any artificial or chemical preservatives. Real meats and veggies, coming at ya! 

Now why should you feed your animal Freshpet? (They sell dog food too!) Besides being naturally better for them, the food you feed them can affect things like their coats and energy, so you only want the best for them feed them right! There's a huge trend in eating better in the human world and I truly believe that that has trickled into other areas of our world, including our animals! Want to learn more? You can discover more benefits to this form of diet as well as see transformational stories!

There are lots of ways to love our pets - let's start with what we feed them! Are there other ways that you give your animal the upper hand?

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