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Adopt don't Shop: Dallas Dog Adoption

Adopt don't Shop: Dallas Dog Adoption

Photos by Beckley & Co

Epic Animal Rescue Puppies available for adoption!! | The Tree Kisser Tee (c/o) | Venus and Co Flower Crowns (their website is still being made - this is their Facebook page) | Paige Jeans | Kristin Cavallari Chandy Loafers | BaubleBar Earrings

Happy Friday, friends!! It's the weekend and I have a blog post full of puppies for you. What could be better?! Today is a super special post, because all of the pups are available for adoption! I partnered with some brands + bloggers to share the puppy love in DFW.

Did you know that there are approximately 7.6 million animals put in shelters each year (not just in Dallas) and of those 3.9 million are dogs (and 3.4 million are cats)? And of those animals, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized a year (and 1.4 million cats) (Stats from SPCA). Yes there are breeders out there with animals who need homes, but before you go shop, try to consider adoption. A lot of people say they don't want to adopt because they want puppies, but there are even puppies out there in need of adoption! So many sweet babies are out there who need love, attention, and a home. I may not have a dog (YET. Nick wants to adopt a great dane), but I love dogs, and all animals really. I adopted my cat from my sister and her friends, but will save her story for another time;)

Now onto the available puppies in this post! I'm highlighting 4, but you can find all pups that can be adopted from Epic Animal Rescue here.

Lauren, LMents of Style and Poppie

Poppie is a terrier mix who was recently rescued from a hoarders home, where she was sharing living quarters with 20+ other dogs. She is super sweet and very cuddly. She is shy, but warms right up to you, once she knows you are safe. They aren't sure how old she is yet, but they do know she is young. 

Molly, Fashion Veggie and Tuck

Tuck is a 1 year old, brindle American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, who Molly actually rescued right before he was scheduled to be euthanized. You can kind of see on his chest and paws, but he was recently chained to a truck and drug behind it. He was injured, but is on the road to recovery. Let me just say that that  trauma has not dampened his spirit. He is such a happy and energetic dog, not to mention beautiful!

Natalie, The Fashion Hour and Annie (Annie's link is not up yet, but she is available!)

Annie was rescued from the same home that Poppie was found in - they think that they might be siblings. She has really bad ear infections that are also yeast infections and will have to have surgery, but she is so sweet and is the perfect little lap dog.

Lauren, A Lo Profile and Ginger

Ginger is a shepherd mix that is about 3 years old. She was rescued from a breeder, where she was overbread. She will have a tummy tuck and her paw is healing, but like Tuck, her experiences have not changed her for the worst. She is such a pretty little dog and friendly with both cats and other dogs. 

Our Partners:

Epic Animal Rescue. Like I mentioned at the top of the post, all of these dogs are available for adoption through Epic Animal Rescue. They are a 100% all foster based rescue organization, in Carrolton, TX. Through them you can foster, adopt, and donate. 

The Tree Kisser. The Tree Kisser provided all of our tees! They are comfy, soft, and have the cutest phrases! On top of that, they donate 10% of all proceeds to the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fun. You seriously cannot beat shopping for a cause.

Venus and Co.(their website is still being made - this is their Facebook page). They provided the adorable flower crowns / necklaces. Don't they look regal?! They do weddings and events as well, so they for sure scope beyond their use in this post.

Beckley & Co. Becca generously took our photos for this shoot. She seriously has an amazing eye and you can tell that from her pictures. She is here in DFW, but also travels, if you have photography needs.

We all have passion for adopted animals and hope that you can share our love for this! We hope to make this a regular occurrence for y'all, so let us know if you like it and of course share it with your friends who are thinking about getting a dog!!

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