Skylar Nontoxic Perfume

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I first introduced y’all to Skylar perfume last May. I’ve actually been using it for almost a year now! You might have seen it on my gift guides this past holiday season and across my Favorites, but I never really addressed it in a designated blog post, so I wanted to do that now! I found Skylar when I began my search for a cruelty free and nontoxic perfume. I actually reviewed 3 including Skylar. See my Natural Perfume post here.

I will say I ruffled some feathers with that last perfume post…I tried to remain polite, but let y’all know if I didn’t like it and a brand didn’t really like that. I usually just don’t talk about something if I don’t really like it, but I felt the need to bring y’all my true opinion, as I do every day. Skylar is the most “normal” natural perfume I have found , meaning that it has the traditional scents you find at the beauty counters, but without the headache. Literally.

I most recently went over the harmfulness of artificial fragrance on my clean burning holiday candles post, but basically “parfum” is an endocrine disruptor meaning that it can jack with your hormones and other nasty things, like give you headaches. Skylar does use some synthetic fragrance in their unique blends, but only when they must, like with lavender or grapefruit, which are things that people are often allergic to. It was important to them that their scents were hypoallergenic, so that’s one of the reasons that do that. Don’t get me wrong. Initially I was curious about the fact that they do use some synthetic scents, but they answered me really quickly (you’d be surprise what brands just never respond) and assured that they don’t use any Parabens, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs), Artificial Colorants, Salicylates, Formaldehyde, Benzophenone, Butoxyethanol, Ethanolamines. Methyl Cellosolve, Sulfates, Paraffins, Nitro and Polycyclic Musks, Mineral Oil or Petrolatum. WHAT A MOUTHFUL. But so glad these are not found in Skylar!

I’ve been using the full size bottle (and candle) for almost a year now and it has lasted me this long! It’s almost time for me to order a new one, but thankfully I received the new Skylar Arrow Perfume Travel Rollie for Christmas, so I have that as backup. It is a lighter perfume and also it is natural, so the scent doesn’t last as long, but you can layer it with lotion so it “sticks” better. I had the pleasure of meeting Skylar’s founder Cat last year (she came from The Honest Company!) and there are some fun things they have coming down the pipeline. I’m so excited for them!

Wanting to try Skylar out, but are worried about picking a scent, try out their sample pack! It’s only $20 and then when you go to order the full size in your preferred scent, you get that $20 back in the form of a credit towards your purchase! I wear Arrow and love it! For Christmas I got my sister Isle and she is obsessed. It’s her favorite scent since she sprayed everything she owned in Victoria’s Secret spray! (lol)

If you’re wanting to make some healthy changes in 2019 (like most people) , a great way to do begin is to get rid of your artificial fragrances! It is hard at first (breaking up with some of your favorite products is sad), but it is #worthit. Consider it a Marie-Kondo-ing of your ingredients lists;)

P.S. I wanted to mention this Madewell Moonblossom Ruffle Sleeve Dress. It’s a great piece that will transition nicely from winter to spring and even summer. Dress it up for work (think nude pumps or flats) or make it summery with a pair of espadrilles! For now I love to wear it with my suede over the knee boots + a moto jacket!

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