Black Leather Jacket

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I’ve been telling y’all since Black Friday that I’ve been on the prowl for a leather jacket. It’s actually hilarious that I even wanted a leather jacket, because my sister and I both had them when we were little. (side note-who buys a middle schooler a real leather jacket, mom?! #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings) We HATED them. We literally would never wear them. We much preferred our denim jackets with the fringe ;)

Anyway, in 2017 I fell in love with a caramel colored suede moto jacket, which then led me to buy a black one as well! I love how nice they look…how they can dress up jeans…dress down formalwear… I could keep on going, but we don’t have all day! Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I love my suede moto jackets; however, I wanted a flat leather one for those different kind of looks I was trying to create.

BlankNYC leather jacket | Topshop Midi Dress (wearing a size 8, topshop sizing is weird) | Matisse Nugent Booties (old, similar here) | American Eagle Oversized Sunglasses | Ilia Lipstick: Rosette

I began searching for some, but I never found any on sale. Come this month, I found several on sale! I had been looking for a BlankNYC flat leather jacket, but was open to other options. I never really found one at Nordstrom, so I thought I would settle for a different brand. (I like to make larger purchases at Nordstrom on my credit card, for benefits come the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and so on). Well as luck would have it, Nordstrom had a real leather jacket by BlankNYC. Of course…it wasn’t on sale, BUT I had some Nordstrom Notes that I could use to make it like it was on sale;) (side note, it’s now sold out at Nordstrom, but I found it for you elsewhere:BlankNYC leather jacket )

I adore the BlankNYC brand because I love their fit and feel. To be quite frank, their suede jacket price points are a STEAL and because of that I know their flat leather version would be worth it. . Plus I already loved their sizing and quality. I’m really an online shopper only and while I could have just returned it for another size, I wanted it NOW and not have to deal with and exchange. Trust me, when I fall for a brand I fall HARD.

I sometimes get asked is why real leather? I post about cruelty-free products, but I consume animal products and buy animal skins. First and foremost, I’m not for the mistreatment of animals. AT ALL. Diet-wise, there are just some great things like bone broth for example, that you can’t consume as a vegetarian. I also think there are some great nutrients that my veggie friends miss out on. I’m more of an eat meat moderately and make sure to eat your veggies too type of girl. l’m about #balance. On the clothing side of it, just because it’s vegan “leather” (I put quotations because it’s not real real leather) does not mean it is better for the environment. In most cases it produces more waste/ harmful chemicals than actual animal skins do for the same garment. Also, things made of faux leather are often cheap-y, fast fashion items that get discarded more quickly than its real leather counterpart. There’s also the durability of the item at stake too. Point being, as of now, I don’t plan on buying another black leather jacket in my lifetime. This is it! That in and of itself is more sustainable that buying several! But if you are vegan or vegetarian and don’t want to wear leather, wool, silk, etc. Don’t worry. I support you and your mission!! Just sharing my perspective. If you want a specific example of sustainable fashion, read about this company who uses alpaca hair and natural dyes!

Here’s a round up over other real leather jacket options! Just click on the image and it will take you to the direct link! If it won’t click through, try refreshing the page. It should work like a charm!

For those who want faux leather or maybe don’t have the budget for a real leather jacket, here’s some faux version FO ya. (get it?!)

Do you have a leather jacket or maybe just a favorite coat? I keep mine for YEARS. I finally got rid of some that I had had since high school. Learning that less is more and that just because you have memories with something doesn’t mean you have to keep hoarding it. I plan to share our Marie-Kondoing soon! We can now fit all of our coats in our master closet. Before, they barely fit in our coat closet! #winning Decluttering never felt so good!

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