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Sephora Holiday Bonus Beauty Insider Event Top Picks!

Sephora Holiday Bonus Beauty Insider Event Top Picks!

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Here’s to all my people who wanted gift guides asap! This isn’t technically a full on gift guide, but it’s a perfect time to stock up on beauty goodies for a little less or maybe just re-stock or try some new stuff for yourself! I went through all of their gift sets and will give my top cruelty-free and nontoxic picks, PLUS I’ll go through the regular products as well.

The Holiday Bonus sale began for Rouge members 10/26-10/29 and 11/2-11/5. They got 20% off with code ROUGEBONUS. Right now, VIB members get 20% off 11/9-11/12 w/code VIBBONUS. And the rest of us peasants (me lol - Beauty Insiders) get 15% off w/code BIBONUS 11/16-11/19. You can sign up for free and get your 15% off on Sephora.com!

Okay so here’s the good stuff! Gift sets up first and they are all under $100! You can click on the collage below, but you can also click on the links under the images too!

NO.05 KANDILLI CANDLE - MAISON LOUIS MARIE: I need to research “clean candles” more, but this one is a great start. Soy and beeswax are generally the better waxes to look for and this one fits the bill!

JADE FACIAL SPA SET - MOUNT LAI: I did a whole blog post earlier this year on jade rolling and scraping your face with a gua sha. I love using them both for different reasons, so this is a great set that includes them both!

ROSE QUARTZ FACIAL SPA SET - MOUNT LAI: Mine are both jade, but they also come in rose quartz! It has different “properties” than jade but the tools work the same.

ROSEWATER HYDRATION TRIO - HERBIVORE: Herbivore Botanicals is one of my favorite brands! I haven’t tried any of these specific products, but they all sound good, especially the rose water!

SELF LOVE BATH + BODY RITUAL KIT - HERBIVORE: Baths are something I have been getting more into. This is the perfect little set for the bath lover or just someone who needs to relax more ;)

LOVE YOUR FACE - BIOSSANCE: Biossance is one of m ride or die brands. I use their products all the time. This set is a great little sampling of their core products.

LOVE TO TRAVEL - BIOSSANCE: This is a great little kit for your travel buddy. I love getting travel sizes of all my favorite products and only purchasing them once, but refilling it whenever I need to, with all my full size products.

LOVE YOUR BODY - BIOSSANCE: I looove this kit. It includes my favorite oil and a dry brush! I did a whole blog post on dry brushing here. It also includes deodorant. It’s not my favorite cruelty-free and nontoxic deo, but it’s better than some. I’d buy this for the oil and dry brush anyway thouhg!

SILK SLEEPMASK - SLIP: Beauty sleep is seriously important. Did you know you burn more calories (among other things) if you get a good night’s dosage? This one comes in tons of colors and is a perfect little goodie for anyone.

MEET THE FAM MILK BESTSELLERS SET - MILK MAKEUP: Milk Makeup has a bunch of really fun products. One of the things the are know for is roll on items, which are also great for travelers, as their goods are solid, making them exempt to the liquid rule that most makeup and skincare fall under!

OUT OF OFFICE - DRUNK ELEPHANT: Okay so Drunk Elephant isn’t a brand I’ve really featured much from Sephora, though I have heard good things. They changed their formulas and EWG re-rated them and they are pretty much all 1’s or 2’s which is great! This is a fun little set for travelers too!

T.L.C. SUKARI BABYFACIAL™ MINI - DRUNK ELEPHANT: If there’s a cult favorite I’ve noticed, it’s the babyfacial. I definitely want to try this out and a great way to do it, since it’s smaller and not full price!

RESCUE PARTY™ KIT - DRUNK ELEPHANT: This is a small taste of a lot of DE’s products, another great way to get a taste from the brand.

THE BIG REVEAL™ KIT - DRUNK ELEPHANT: This is similar to the one above, except it has babyfacial instead of a moisturizer.

AGENT ELLIE™ DAY KIT - DRUNK ELEPHANT: This is the most expensive set (still under $100! though) but it looks like it’s their entire skincare routine!

Here are items that aren’t gift sets but are some of my favorite and some things I’ve been wanting to try!

8G DIETARY SUPPLEMENT - 8GREENS: This is a new brand to Sephora! I actually follow them on instagram, so I was excited to see they were carried. It is a “greens” supplement that makes it easy to get vitamins and nutrition. I haven’t tried them yet, but I want to!

SOFT MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK - LAWLESS: This is one of my favorite lipsticks, especially coming into the holiday season. It’s matte and lasts long andddd stays in place. I have Brad, Jake, and Romeo. I’ve included them in several posts, but the specific Lawless Beauty review is here.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC BAKED FOUNDATION - ANTONYM: I’m a sucker for a good highlighter and once I’m finished with my current set, I’m going to pick up this one!

NATURAL LIPSTICK - AXIOLOGY: I love the Lawless lipstick I mentioned above, but sometimes it’s just easier to put on a creamy lipstick. I’m excited to try this brand!

COLLAGEN INNER BEAUTY BOOST - THE BEAUTY CHEF: I’ve gone off and on with collagen. I’ve been featuring this for a while now, but still haven’t tried it!

BEAUTYBLENDER® PRO - BEAUTYBLENDER: I use a BB everyday to rub in my CC cream. Love it! It’s just annoying to clean, so these make great gifts! Make sure you wet it first before use though!

SPIKED TUTU GLASS WATER BOTTLE - BKR: I’ve been using BKR pretty much since they came out. I have the liter bottles in several sizes and they come in clutch! l love that they are glass and super cute.

CLEARLY BESTIES - HUM NUTRITION DAILY CLEANSE X BKR HYDRATION DUO - HUM NUTRITION: This is a cute set for someone looking for a supplement and a cute water bottle! Honestly just a fun little gift.

HERE COMES THE SUN VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENT - HUM NUTRITION: It’s the winter, so most people are Vitamin D deficient. The best way to get it is of course direct sunlight, but here’s a supplement that you can use when that’s just not possible.

UBER ENERGY™ ADAPTOGEN SUPPLEMENT - HUM NUTRITION: : This caught my eye because a follower mentioned it to me, as it contains ashwaganda root. (something I’ve been experimenting with). I take the root at night and this it seems is supposed to be taken during the day for energy, but I’d be willing to give it a try!

THE ORIGINAL MAKEUP ERASER® MAKEUP REMOVER CLOTH - MAKEUP ERASER: This is also a fun little good for just about anyone! It helps to remove your makeup!

JET LAG MASK - SUMMER FRIDAYS: I still haven’t tried this, as I’ve read mixed reviews, but it still peaks my interest. This mask rates a 2 by EWG, but Summer Friday’s newest mask “overtime” does not, so if you’re going to try the brand, I’d stick to that brand.

100% SQUALANE OIL - BIOSSANCE: Cue the Hallelujah Chorus, because this is one of my favorite products!! I use it every night after my serum and before my moisturizer. You can also use it on your body and hair though!

SQUALANE + ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING CLOTHS - BIOSSANCE: These are great for a traveler or just little stocking stuffers. I keep these face wipes in my purse and my carry-on bag!

SQUALANE + MINERAL SPF 45 - BIOSSANCE: This is the sunscreen I wear most days. I haven’t been wearing it lately, just so I can try to soak in as much vitamin D in the short period of time I can, but when I do wear it, this is it! It is zinc based, so you do have to rub it in; however, if that bothers you, add some of your cc cream and make it like a tinted sunscreen!

BLUE TANSY AHA + BHA RESURFACING CLARITY MASK - HERBIVORE: This is such a good mask! It’s great for breakouts, but I use it way more than that. I have a whole blog post on which face mask to use when and list this one there!

BRIGHTEN PINEAPPLE ENZYME + GEMSTONE INSTANT GLOW MASK - HERBIVORE: I have been using this one a lot lately! On my fall skincare update, I deemed this mask my go-to summer to fall transition mask! It’s great for brightening your skin and getting rid of dead skin cells.

Have any beauty faves that I didn’t list? Let me know! I’m always down to try new things!

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