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Safari West

Safari West

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Nick and I love doing new things and though we have been to California wine country several times, I still feel like we have just scratched the service of all that Napa and Sonoma have to offer besides some good juice. Don't get me wrong - the wine is great, but Napa Valley is one of my favorite places, because it is so relaxing. Maybe the wine helps a little bit with that;) but really and truly, the nature there is amazing. 

This past fall, you may or may not know that Northern California experienced horrendous fires last year. (2017)  Tubbs fire took more than 40 lives and left 100,000 people displaced. More than 8,000 homes were destroyed and over 150,000 acres of land burned. Then you have the aftermath...the dead trees that need to be dealt with, amongst re-building and trying to gain what was lost. Nick and I were very aware of these fires, but it didn't really hit us how bad it was until we drove through it. Needless to say, it was very sobering.

This brings me to Safari West. Nicknamed, The Sonoma Serengeti, Safari West is a Research and Education Center, in addition to being a conservatory. To cut to the chase, Safari West was affected by the fires. They had several vehicles completely ruined and the osteology lab operated by the Safari West Research, Education, Conservation Department all burned entirely. THANKFULLY, none of the 800+ animals were harmed by Tubbs. The owner Peter Lang (co-owns SW w/his wife Nancy Lang), stayed behind after the evacuation. instead of tending to his own home that burned in the fire, in order to keep them safe and un-harmed. He did spot treatments with a myriad of garden hoses, but once his employees were let back in, they actually manned an old fire engine Lang had randomly bought, and aided the surroundings more! Talk about dedication! Just visit Safari West and you'll see their love for their animals in real life!

Now about Safari West...it is truly a unique experience! Plotted on a 400 acre preserve, there are over 90 species for you to learn about. Here are some of the unique things they offer on their property:

-animal experiences

     -walking safaris (perfect for young children since they can't be a part of the driving safari)

     -driving safaris (also includes walking)


     -on premise (we had a breakfast burrito there and it was awesome!)

    -dinners (specially organized events)

     -wine tastings (like winos and rhinos +  brews and buffalo!)

-private adventures

     -meet the cheetahs

     -keeper for a day

     -giraffe experience

     -field trips

-lodging and special packages

     - luxury tents


     -campfire chats



Andddd honestly, this is just an overview. I am so excited to share about Safari West, because it is such a neat experience and when talking to the keepers, you can tell how much they love their "babies". Another reason I wanted to share Safari West is because it is something else to do besides just wine tasting in Napa / Sonoma! There are so many fun things to do, the area is not just limited to wine drinkers. 

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