Rehearsal Dinner Dress Ideas

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Dress the Population Valerie Halter Dress (wearing a M) | Sam Edelman Ariella Sandals

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Is that a thing I can do, even though I'm coming up on a year and a half of marriage? Wellll I am. When I first saw this dress, I was like I NEED THIS. I ordered it just so I could see it in real life, and y'all. It is even prettier in person! I honestly didn't think it would even fit me - I've tried on Dress the Population dresses before, but honestly they just never right. My hips are a lot bigger than my bust and waist, so they have always been kinda wonky. BUT THIS ONE FIT. I ordered a size medium, for reference. There's also a long version of the dress and I'm pretty sure it would make for the best beach wedding dress... is it too late to re-do my wedding?!

Honestly this would have been the perffffect dress for my rehearsal dinner! If you want to see what I actually wore to my rehearsal dinner, click here! When shopping for a dress, I wanted to make sure that it would be something I could want to wear again. This meant that it wouldn't be too trendy or dated. This also allowed me to spend a little more (if I wanted to - I didn't end up doing that), since I would get more wear out of it. I also looked for a dress I could style multiple ways...The dress I'm wearing in this post can be styled boho or chic /classic, which I also like, because ya know... versatility! What do you look for in a dress? These guidelines really apply to everything, not just rehearsal dinner dresses! (maybe not wedding dresses ;) )

Are you looking for a  rehearsal dinner dress or maybe you have a friend who is looking? Send them this post! And for the love of all things good, only brides! Don't wear white to your friend's day unless she asks you to. If you need some more options, I linked some of my favorite finds below and the majority are under $200! Just click on any image to be taken to the link. If it won't click through, just refresh the page.

If you are still struggling what to wear,  first of all, remember that it only really matters that you are marrying the love of your life... not what your dress looks like. Second of all, consider where your rehearsal is? What food are you eating? What kind of place is it? That should help you decide! And remember shoes are such a key part of the outfit - they can change a cocktail midi dress into barnyard babe with the addition of cowboy boots instead of heels. Make it you! That's the best advice I can give.

What's your go- to dress place? I need to add some new places to my list! Regardless of if you are looking for a rehearsal dinner dress or just looking for your umpteenth friend who is getting hitched. I hope you feel beautifully loved. That is worth more than any pretty dress will ever be. XOXO

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