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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a now trending blog post, soooo here we are. Straw bags have always kind of popped up around spring and summer beach bag time, but I have been noticing it more as of late. Maybe it is me just wishing for spring because it’s been like 20 degrees out the past several days? Not sure.

When I set out to look for more of this trend, what actually came up was the debate of plastic drinking straws… (lol) No not a laughing matter (RIP sea turtles), but hey, might as well address it! I’ve pretty much stopped using straws all together. If I’m going to choose a straw, I go paper. Metal has to be cleaned pretty well, so I’d rather not risk a surprise goodie being sucked up into my mouth #nothanks ALSO, straws cause wrinkles, so let that set in as well… (just not around your mouth #crowsfeet)

ANYWAY, back to straw and trending accessories… I shared a super cute round straw bag 2 years ago, but it was a little bit of a higher price point. This time around I wanted to find more affordable straw items, especially because it’s more of a trend than a classic. To shop the collage, just click on the images below. If they won’t click through, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm!

What do y’all think? You can never go wrong with a straw hat. I already have a straw panama hat, but this packable visor is calling my name!! I got these sandals in black last year, but this straw version is so cute and summery. Mostly I’m looking for an update to my old wedges and can’t decide between these two - woven or not woven?!

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