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Lace Overlay Romper (comes in other colors!!) Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings Kendra Scott Kathleen Bracelet

So, today in Dallas it actually felt like winter. When I woke up it was 38 degrees and I was like WHAT. Am I back in Tahoe, experiencing a snow storm?! Naturally, it made me want to talk about island vibes and trends! (yes I am totally sunburned in this photo. The thought of the warmth brings me happiness ;) )

I originally saw this dress from Riffraff and knew I had to have it for our honeymoon! Until that point, I hadn't really seen the maxi skort romper...maxi skirt romper? maxi skirt overlay? Whatever you want to call it, I dig it! It combines everything I love about rompers, with the elegance of maxi dress. You feel me?

My sister went to ACL this year and I asked her to trend watch for me and the maxi skort romper is one of the things she said everyone was wearing! I love that it is boho, beachy, and can even be fall-ish, if you buy the right one and pair it with tights and over the knee boots! I didn't see it really in spring or summer, so I fully expect it to be trending come next year.

There are so many different kinds, I decided to do a little round up for you - here are some of my favorite ones available right now! Scroll through to shop the looks:)

So what do you think? Will you partake in this trend? I'd love to hear your thoughts! If you aren't going to wear it, what will you wear instead? What do you think will be trending along with it?

This post was a tad shorter than usual, but I have been super busy -  at least it is on time! For the past 2 weeks I haven't gotten one post out when I was supposed to. Oh well, such is life. Tonight I was up late watching football. I'll end my post on 2 words: GO COWBOYS!

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