How to Buy Clothes for the Holiday Season and Manage to Wear them After

Press Faux Calf Hair Collar Dress | Chinese Laundry Over the Knee Boots | Pleather Leggings | Kendra Scott Earrings and Bracelet | OPI We The Female Nail Polish

It's that time of year, yes when the world falls in love, but also one of the most expensive times of the year! There are so many parties and shindigs, which of course means if not a new dress, re-styling something from your current wardrobe. No shame in that! In fact, I encourage you to re-wear things and make them new again. Any easy way to inspire you to do this in your own closet, is to consider your Christmas party purchases, before you buy them. Yes, that trendy dress may be oh, so cute, but is it really worth your hard earned paycheck? I'm going to say most of the time it isn't. So, here are 5 tips (and visuals) to help keep you on the penny pinching path, so you can spend more on other things :)

1) Go for neutrals. This has been my long time motto. I'm not against non-neutrals, but neutrals last longer trend wise and aren't as in your face. This is especially important if you are buying a trendier item. Since fads come and go, if you want to get more bang for your buck, opt for the  blacks, greys, and navys. Want more on this? Read my post called How to Shop Trends the Smart Way!

2) If you don't do neutrals, do muted shades. So, I'm not a neutral natzi ;) I'm actually wearing dark green to Nick's Christmas party! (this dress!) If you want to be seasonal, go more subtle - try burgundies, forest greens, olives, and even mustard gold! They are such good colors to share the holiday spirit, but are also great hues for other get-togethers year-round, like weddings!

3) Buy festive textures. I LOVE playing with textures and monochrome patterns. It's honestly one of my favorite ways to "pattern mix". It adds a fun depth to your look, without being over the top, which also means it can be dressed down or up! Think about a tulle skirt. You can pair it with a chambray shirt and tie it at your belly button or you can wear an elegant beaded blouse. Either way, it works! Your main textures right now will be faux fur (like my dress), sequins, velvet, and lace.

4) Opt for classics. A silhouette that has stood the test of time, will always be in. The great thing about something like a midi skirt or an A-Line dress, is that you can make it "trendier" or just leave it be, for a timeless look. These pieces will stay in your closet for a long time and will be well worth the investment!

5) Trend your accessories. If you want to make a classic look fun, pair a print like leopard or a trending fabric, like crushed velvet, to make it up to date. Better yet, pop your shoes and/or your purse! A simple statement like that can go a long way!

You'll notice that some of these categories overlap.  That's the beauty of it all! They all work together.

These pictures were taken at the Sacramento Capitol building, while Nick and I were in California for Thanksgiving! They were just starting to put up the Christmas decorations, so I thought it'd be a perfect topic to cover with this outfit. I hope y'all liked it! Stay tuned for more Cali posts!

What's your favorite thing to wear to a Christmas party? If you still need inspiration, check out my Unique Christmas Party Outfit Idea post!

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