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How to Style a Bodysuit

How to Style a Bodysuit

Riffraff Bodysuit** (s/o, similar here, here, here) | J. Crew Jeans | Gold Heels | Kendra Scott Earrings | Gold Skinny Belt | Essie Limited Addiction Nail Polish

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As soon as I saw this bodysuit on ShopRiffraff.com, I knew I had to have it; but, my initial hesitation was, how the heck do I wear it? I said, "whatever, I like it. I'll figure out how to wear it later." I honestly didn't know what to pair it with, even when it came in. Would it have to be dressy? Would I have a VPL? I tried scouring the inter-webs only to find...nothing. Obviously I took that as a sign that  needed write a post, with my thoughts on the trend. So, hopefully I answer your possible questions and help you learn how to style a bodysuit, without a second thought!

What's the point of wearing a bodysuit? A bodysuit is supposed to be slimming. There isn't a shirt tail to be untucked and leave you without a figure, and there isn't any bulk, like there would be, if you decided to tuck it in. It doesn't come untucked when you move or raise you arms, so clearly, these are all good things! Also, Beyonce wears them, so that's pretty much, enough said.

--What size did you get? This is a medium. Even if it wasn't lace/netting, I would still have probably gotten a medium. I have a super long torso, so I need it for the length; however, my hips are a lot bigger than my waist, so even if I wanted to wear a small, I couldn't comfortably get away with it. I could have maybe even gotten a large in this bodysuit, hip wise, but it would have been too big on my shoulders and chest. (For reference, I am 5'7.5" and 130lbs)

--What is VPL/how can I prevent it? Visible Panty Line! Honestly, this bodysuit rode so high on my  hips/bottom, that I didn't see any VPL, even in these jeans. If you are afraid of VPL, just pair it with loose bottoms. I'll get into styling, in a sec!

--How do you go to the bathroom? LOL. This is the same issue with rompers and jumpsuits. You just have to shuck your clothes, to go to the bathroom. Maybe TMI, but being a dancer and wearing leotards like they were going out of style, there are ways around taking it off all the way...

--Is the bottom part of your bodysuit lace? No. It's actually solid jersey cotton. If you have a long torso, I recommend getting a bodysuit that is all the same fabric, or at least all the same pattern. I can't really wear this with anything but bottoms that fall at my natural waistline, or awkward white will show.

--What do I wear it with? Ah yes, the question you've been waiting for. Honestly that is up to you; however I do think you can style it a wrong way.  Below are my top 3 recommendations for styling your bodysuit:

     1) boyfriend jeans.** Whether you have a dressy bodysuit like mine, or a casual ribbed one, liked linked from Riffraff, BF jeans are an easy choice. They are loose, so you are automatically giving yourself definition via your bodysuit, instead of getting swallowed up, into the bagginess. They are also super versatile - you could easily pair a slip on sneaker with a casual bodysuit, or a wedge, with a fancy bodysuit, be wearing the same pair of jeans, and be fine!

**If it's the summer then, obviously you don't want to wear pants. Distressed shorts, are like the bf jean of the summer. These One Teaspoon shorties, would be the perfect summer addition, to your bodysuit wardrobe, whether you have a longsleeve bodysuit, or not!

    2) high-waisted jeans. This is how I styled it, so it is obviously my favorite; however, you can really style it with any high-waisted pant you want. I just got these hi-rise flares (get them for around $60 + Free Shipping w/code "RiffraffRepLauren") and am itching to pair them with the bodysuit! I like this look, because it offers sleek body lines. It is also versatile, depending on the style of your bodysuit. Since mine is dressy, I paired it with a heel; I wouldn't put it with any less dressy type of shoe; however, boots or booties would get the job done! 

     3) a-line skirt. I would not pair a bodysuit with a form fitting skirt. You might be able to get away with a pencil skirt, but honestly that is just asking for VPL. I would stick to loose skirts, such as  skater skirts, tulle skirts, and even maxi skirts. One thing these bottoms have in common, is that they give shape on body to your look. You are balancing that body out, if you choose to pair your bodysuit, with a sassy skirt. This also makes you look skinnier, as it accents your waist, kind of exaggeratedly. But hey, what's wrong with that?;) This is also a good way to dress up a more casual bodysuit, or make acceptable a bodysuit, that may not normally have been worn in that setting.

--What accessories should I wear? I would stick to statement earrings. A necklace has the ability to take over the look and that's not at all what you want!

Ready to find your ideal bodysuit now? Here's a few of my my favorite dressy ones.

And here's some of my favorite casual ones! Enjoy :)

So, how do you feel about the trend? If you have any, how do you style it?




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