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Favorite Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Lipstick Brands

Favorite Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Lipstick Brands

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Oh happy day, y'all. This post was supposed to go live like last year! Okay so I mean like last week, but oh well. We had a WONDERFUL trip to Montana with our besties and I didn't touch my computer ONCE. It was glorious. Anyway, as you know, I've been exploring the cruelty-free and natural avenue and lipsticks are a huge part of that!

I honestly have not been into lipsticks for a while...it was hard for me to wear them, because I was in Drill Team in Texas and we wore bright red lipstick every Thursday and Friday. Sooo yeah. Anyway, I have been testing some stuff out and am excited to share with y'all! See below for the 3 sections, info, and my thoughts!

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Burt's Bees Chapstick

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Color: Colorless, available in other lip tints

Scent: Peppermint

Price: $2.99

Thoughts: This is a no-brainer for me. It's budget friendly and works. I love the fresh scent and the cooling peppermint! They have this in lip tints, so if you want to explore a little color or shimmer, it's there.


Farmacy Lip Bloom

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Color: Colorless

Scent: Vanilla Mint, also available in Apple Rosemary, Honey Ginger, Strawberry Basil, and other seasonal scents

Price: $16.50 (currently on sale for $9.50!)

Thoughts: The only downside of this for me is that it is in a pot. I wish it was in stick form, otherwise I love it! It feels SO good on my lips. It's a little on the more expensive side, but it works.


Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Luminous Lip Crayon

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan

Color: Venice, available in several other tints 

Scent: Neutral, if anything a little hint of shea butter 

Price: $22

Thoughts: I love the entire Juice Beauty brand! This is similar to the Clinique Chubby Stick, so if you like that, you'll love this! It has a nice, light coloring, so perfect for summer and the beach.


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF15

 Classifications: Nontoxic

Color: Rosé, available in several other tints

Scent: Neutral, slightly citrusy

Price: $25

Thoughts: So, this is the only thing I'm sharing that technically isn't cruelty-free. They say they don't do animal testing, but they sell in mainland China, which means that they may not, but to sell in mainland China, someone has to. I've had this for like 5 years, so I like the product a lot! It has SPF and comes in tints and just a clear version. 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Color: Bellisima, available in several other tints and shades

Scent: Neutral

Price: $22

Thoughts: I started using this a couple of years ago, after my friend Lauren let me borrow hers. I love the colors and wearability. It's a little drying, but not too bad. 


Fenty by Rihanna Glossbomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic (from what I've researched, this product is nontoxic, but some items in the line include toxins, ie the nail polish)

Color: Fenty Glow

Scent: Light vanilla

Price: $18

Thoughts: This is one of my current obsessions. I won it at a White Elephant Gift Exchange at work and am so glad I did. It's seriously THE BEST and looks good on anyone. I LOVE it.


E.L.F. Lip Lacquer

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan

Color: Praline (sold out pretty much everywhere, but comes in other shades and tints)

Scent: Neutralish

Price: $2

Thoughts: I love E.L.F. because they are budget friendly and have a lot of color options. This is a great gloss, with vibrant color.

Lawless Beauty Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

Classifications: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan (from what I can tell this is vegan! They use a vegan wax; however, there is no specific call out saying that it is vegan) 

Color: Romeo, available in several other shades (my other favorite is Brad!)

Scent: Floralish (seriously smells delightful)

Price: $25

Thoughts: This is my FAVORITE lipstick right now. I love EVERYTHING about it. The colors, the mission, the product. It's awesome. It's long lasting and is a creamy matte, so it is more hydrating than the normal matte lippie. They are about to release new colors and I'm stoked to see them! I do wear lip liner with the darker colors. I also line my lips with concealer to prevent feathering with such a deep red.


Tarte Tartiest Lip Crayon

Classifications:  Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan (note that Tarte is vegan friendly, not 100% vegan)

Color: Turnt Up, available in several other tints and shades (I also have Boho!)

Scent: Neutral

Price: $18 (currently on sale for $12!)

Thoughts: I bought this to wear under my Lawless lipstick and it works like a charm! Tarte has a ton of awesome products and this is just one of the many they have.


NYX Round Case Lipstick

Classifications: Cruelty-Free (note that their parent company L'Oreal is not cruelty-free), Nontoxic

Color: Electra, available in several other tints and shades

Scent: Neutral

Price: $4

Thoughts: I've had this lipstick for FOREVER and I love it. It's creamy and beautiful, not to mention affordable.  When I wear it I always get compliments on it and people think it's some designer brand. A++ for me!

Tarte Tartiest Lip Crayon in Turnt Up 

Lawless Beauty Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in Romeo

NYX Round Case Lipstick in Electra


Other I have heard are great but haven't yet used are

Glo Beauty Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Kat Von D Kiss Creme Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

Cover FX Shimmer Veil:  Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

rMS beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic

French Girl Organics Lip Tint: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan

Axioliology Natural Organic Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan

100% Pure Coco Cutter Matte Lipstick: Cruelty-Free, Nontoxic, Vegan


Do you have a favorite cruelty-free lipstick?? Let me know!! I want to try all the goodies! I obviously love everything I listed, but if I had to pick favorites, I'm currently obsessed with Fenty and Lawless. They are what I reach for most as of right now.

Here I am wearing Fenty by Rihanna Glossbomb Universal Lip Luminizer. It seriously looks good on every skin tone!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.14.25 PM.png


Here I am wearing Lawless Beauty Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in Romeo w/ Tarte Tartiest Lip Crayon in Turnt Up!

Here I am wearing Lawless Beauty Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick  in Brad w/o lip liner, but when I do wear liner, I wear Tarte Tartiest Lip Crayon in Boho.

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