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Dallas Wedding Photographer ft. Heidi Lockhart Photography

Dallas Wedding Photographer ft. Heidi Lockhart Photography

Photography: Heidi Lockhart

Alright ladies and gents...this is my LAST post with a myriad of wedding photos and wedding topics...unless I think of something else;) The only other 2 wedding themed posts I have are "What to get your parents as a wedding gift" and "the complete guide to the wedding registry"...or something like that. (always subject to change my mind;) )

Anyway, today is one of my favorite and one of my most important posts...ya know other than being with the person of your dreams for the rest of your life. That's right - photography! I'm a huge picture person (who would have guessed?!), so having the right photographer was of the utmost importance. 

If you have been following along my wedding post journey, then you know that could not say enough good things about Heidi, our photographer. She and her man Chris, shot our engagement photos, as well as my bridals, boudoir, and wedding. 

Nick and I actually knew Heidi while she lived in Dallas. She is now off in the PNW being BA, but she does travel, if you're in need of a destination, whether it be Dallas or Denver! Anyway, what made her so good? I mean obviously talent, but there is so much more than that! Here's what I loved about having Heidi as our photographer, but the list could easily be used to find the perfect person to capture your special day!

1) Works well with others. I mean could this be any more important?! She and Chris fed off of each other's energy, but you expect someone to work well with their partner. She and Bow Tie Media (they were our videographers. see our wedding video here and be sure to mention me if you use them!) got along splendidly. Your photographer may work great alone, but weddings have a lot of moving parts and it is imperative that they work well with others, for the betterment of your big day!

2) Calming. Heidi was SO freaking good at this from our engagements to our wedding day. I got frustrated with Nick because he lost/left his really nice white shirt for our photo shoot at the hotel and had to wear a different shirt that didn't match. Heidi sat with me in my car while I pouted and waited for Nick to go to the restroom at Snoqualmie Falls. When we had some drama on our wedding day, she took me off by myself and told me it was MY day and it was going to be okay. I can't emphasize this trait enough. 

3) Classic, yet Artistic. One of my favorite things that Heidi said to me was "don't worry, I'll get all of the pictures your parents and grandparents want to see and get those over with, so we can get onto the good stuff." Heidi captures all of those typical pictures just to check them off the list, but those weren't my favorite...my favorites are the ones that come from a different angle - something you wouldn't necessarily expect! You don't want a photographer who does all the same poses. That is B O R I N G. Hire someone who pushes the envelope.

4) Quick. Heidi is awesome at getting you some sample images from your shoot, so you have something to savor or show off to your friends! Yes, pictures in general take a while to edit, but she was very up front about editing time + managing expectations, but was always great about giving sneak peaks. You don't want someone who promises your wedding photos within 1 year of your wedding. Sheesh!

5) Adventurous. Having done several photo shoots and coupling that with Nick's funny personality, we are a lot to handle and often have ideas of what we want to do. Heidi and Chris followed our lead sometimes and sometimes we followed their's. We were up to try anything for the perfect photo and so were they. This kind of goes with point 3, but is just deeper into the thought. I think we shot our engagements from 10 am-4 pm and didn't stop once. Adventure is out there - make sure you have the right companion, er, I mean, photographer by your side!

Have you had a good (or bad!!) photographer experience? Do tell! If you're in need of an AMAZING photographer, look no further than Heidi Lockhart Somes Photography. Oh, and maybe commission a painting from her while you're at it! She is just an amazing artist all around. 

Here are all of my vendors and information:

Dress: Blue Willow by Anne Barge, Nordstrom

Hair and Makeup: Grand Slam Glam

Eyelash Extensions: Amazing Lash Garland

Flowers: Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe

Jewelry: Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace and Bracelet, Vintage Diamond Earrings

Nails: Bellacures

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: Fuller's Jewelry

Shoes: Tory Burch Holiday 2015 Satin Burgundy Pumps

Photography: Heidi Lockhart


Food: Culinary Art Catering

Wedding VenueThe Castle at Rockwall

VideographyBow Tie Media

Rehearsal Dinner: Eddie V's

Snapchat Filter: Wedding Wire

Invitations and Save the Dates: Minted

Vow Books: Etsy (similar here too)

Wine Glasses and Platter: A Finer Impression

Cakes: Annie's Culinary Creations (she doesn't refrigerate her cakes!)

Bridesmaid and House Party DressesBrideside

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