A Day in San Francisco

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As I'm typing this, I'm sitting in the Virgin American lounge in LAX sipping on free wine,  peach matcha green tea, and some trail mix that tastes like chili cheese fritos (in a good way;) ). Nick and I are awaiting our connecting flight to Seattle and planning the final details of our trip for this weekend. I don't know what love languages y'all have, but quality time is a huge one for me. Nick and I are both so busy with our real jobs / side jobs, it is super hard to make time for each other, even though we want to. So even though this looks like an odd and annoying layover, it is actually kind of nice, because we are  actually spending time together on a Friday night;)

So what's my point in all of this? If you compare this post to my usual, there are a lot less pictures. I was actually kind of disappointed that I didn't have more...We did A LOT that weekend - see other posts from that weekend: Where to Stay in Oakland, Tips for Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, and Now Trending: Pom Poms. I swear, Nick and I should book a one way flight to SFA and just do everything we can...we always wish we could do more. Because more of our focus is on wine, we don't spend as much time in the city as we should. (actually did a post on my previous trip for doing SF in a weekend) You're probably like "Lauren, your point please!!" ANYWAY, yeah I didn't get a lot of pictures from our one day in the city, BUT, I have a lot of memories. As a blogger, it is hard to unplug, but I know it is hard to unplug even in today's society in general. I'm super proud of myself for doing things and not stopping to take photos every step along the way. Don't get me wrong. I love photos and did even before I blogged. You should have seen me and my sister on family vacations!! But yeah, make sure you're taking all the days in. Pictures are great and definitely a great way to remember things...just don't stay glued to your screen all the time. Take a moment to soak it all in your actual eyes.

This "day in San Francisco" that we had was pretty wonderful. I love just walking around and enjoying each other's company. We ate at the Stinking Rose for lunch- a restaurant that has garlic in everything! I like garlic, but this was honestly too much. It's kind of a fun experience, but one time only for sure! Next we got gelato at Alimento - I had cherry chunky chocolate and it was awesome. When we are back, we will definelty eat it again. So yum! The next few hours went undocumented and honestly I can't remember all we did, but it was fun. Soon after, we hopped a cab the the airport and went back to Dallas. 

If you were expecting my normal detailed post, I hope you're not too disappointed. I'll have lots of details for you my Seattle trip, but for now...back to that! Thanks for reading all of my ramblings. Have a great rest of your weekend, y'all!



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