Cute and Warm Coats under $100

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Have you ever heard of the brand Maralyn and Me? I hadn't until last year! I believe they make other garments, but I know them from their jackets! Last year I bought a light green faux fur lined hood that was not only SUPER warm, but reasonably priced. I was pleasantly surprised. You might remember it specifically from my Lake Tahoe post. It as actually 1 of my top 3 items I sold last year - it's that good! I feel like it is unsuspecting because it's just a good deal, but don't let the price tag fool ya! I scoured a couple department stores until they posted this year's versions and they are G O O D. I love the olive versions the best!! The first 4 jackets are Maralyn and Me and the last one is Free People. The best part is that they are allllll under $100!

I am a coat fiend. I think I have one in every single color! I think it is so ironic, because I live in Texas, where I think I need a coat maybe 2 months of the year? Oh well. Anyway, I tried to find a coat for everyone- different colors (the ones I show are actually available in different colors too!), faux fur/no fur, and length! If you're looking for a new coat this year and maybe want watch your wallet or just want a good deal, these are for you. Wishing you warm and cozy thoughts this season!

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever tried the Maralyn and Me brand? Get on it, girl!!

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