My Closet's Secret Weapon


Dress Riffraff Dallas (similar here, here) | Sandals | Flower Headband (Gift from a wedding. Similar here) | Necklace Mickey Lynn | Earrings Kate Spade | Nail Polish Essie | Leather Bracelets

I bought this dress at a Dallas Blogger Collective event with Riffraff Dallas, last week. (Still in stock as of last week. Also available in coral. You can call them via the number in their insta subjectBut my girl crush on Riffraff and infatuation with boutiques in general actually goes way back.

My love of boutiques started in college. I went to Baylor, so I really didn't have any option but to shop boutiques. The Richland Mall in Waco, Texas just didn't do much for me....(Let's just ignore the fact that all 4 of my college addresses are still programmed in my account with J. Crew)

I quickly learned that the items I got the most compliments on weren't mass produced and were only available through small, retail channels. It's wonderful how boutiques carry unique and trendy pieces that you can't find anywhere else....that's one of the many reasons why I love Riffraff Dallas. (See a pic from latest event I went to there, here.)

My fascination with Riffraff actually began at their HQ, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Since opening their doors, they have added 2 other ways to purchase from them: an online presence ( Shop Riffraff) and Riffraff Dallas. I love the original location, but Riffraff is basically my backyard in Dallas and I'm a Riffraff Rep for Shop Riffraff (you can ALWAYS get 15% off + Free Shipping with them by using code 'RiffraffRepLauren' at checkout), so those are my go-to options! One of my favorite things about the store is that if you see something on their instagram, you can actually text them that you want it. For someone like me who doesn't really have time to talk on the phone (nor do I like to), it's awesome! Did I mention that their owner, Kirsten, is a total Girl boss? You can check out her blog here.

What are your favorite boutiques and why? Whether I'm at home in Dallas or out of town, I love to visit local stores. Boutiques really are my closet's secret style weapon. I love to shop small and would like to check them out, so please share! Being a small business owner (view/buy my bow ties here), I understand how big of a support your buyers can be and love to return the favor to others.

P.S. My blogger friend, Amanda, actually just wrote a piece on why boutiques are the best- read it here.

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