How to Run Faster


Nike Tank | Nike Sports Bra | Jean Shorts |  Converse | Lip Color | Nike Leggings | Nike Tennis Shoes | Nike Socks | OPI Nail Polish 

1) Look cute

2) Wear Nike

Okay, okay, that isn't guaranteed to shave minutes off your mile...the only way to do that is working for it! But, I can say that it is extremely motivating when you're wearing cute workout clothes!  

My mother raised me to kill 'em with kindness and to always do your best (which included looking your best). I was the kid who came to sleepovers with perfectly coordinated pajama sets and thought it was weird if you just threw on an old t-shirt and some Soffe Shorts.(Did I give you a flashback?) So, naturally, I pay close attention to my running attire.

Anyway, I try to be unbiased, but I always gravitate to Nike when I'm shopping for new gear and this tee is one of my favorite recent finds. I love how retro it is and that I can totally rock it with jorts or wear it on a run. (That's even more a reason to buy it, you know what I'm saying?) I feel like Nike excels in the crossover area, where other brands (like Lululemon) have failed. Yes, yes you can wear Lulu leggings everywhere, but their attempt at launching a crossover line wasn't a success.

But hey, I think everything Nike does turns to gold. What's your favorite workout brand? 

P.S. here's a fun fact: those converse are still my first ever pair from the seventh grade ;)

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