Jumpsuiting for Joy


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I've never worn a jumpsuit, but I did today and I’m never going back. I've been afraid because my torso is long in proportion to my body and I didn't know how it would hit me.

When I tried this one on at Riffraff Dallas, it was like magic. It’s elastic, so there are no pesky zippers to deal with. Also, the pants are cropped, so my daddy-long-legs don’t look awkward.

Not in Dallas, but love the look? Get the Larissa Jumpsuit online with 15% off + free shipping by using the code 'RiffraffRepLauren' at checkout. How great is that?!

Most importantly (I guess secondly important, as getting 15% off is pretty great) you can pair it with a blazer in the winter, or wear it as is in the summer. From wedges, to boots, you can’t go wrong! This new addition to my closet will easily become a new staple. 

XOXO Riffraff! You're the best!

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