If you follow me on instagram, you know that I have an obsession with Riffraff. (A healthy obsession of course.) I was recently chosen to become a Riffraff rep, so naturally I was ecstatic. That means A LOT for y'all, my followers. You'll get:

1)15% off every online purchase with my code 'RiffraffRepLauren' at checkout

2)Free Shipping in the U.S., as always

3)Up-to-date Riffraff posts on Southern Elle Style, as well as my new instagram account  @RiffraffRepLauren 

What's so neat about Riffraff you ask? It was created by Kirsten Stuckey when she was fresh out of college, with only $100. Through social media and her team of rockin' women, Riffraff has gained national attention. If you believe in the American Dream, mix that with a side of girl power and you'll understand what Riffraff is all about! Also, today is her birthday...she is the young age of 28 and has already accomplished so much! Happy birthday and you go girl, Kirsten!

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