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Are One Teaspoon Shorts Worth the Money?

Are One Teaspoon Shorts Worth the Money?

Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Tank | One Teaspoon Shorts | Marc Fisher Annie Wedge | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings and Elton Bracelet

I was inspired by my readers (y'all!) to write this post, so thanks for keeping my ideas flowing! A month or so a go, someone asked me if there was a cheaper style of shorts that were like One Teaspoon. I honestly don't know of a brand who does what they do, as well as they do. I know they come with a higher price tag than your average shorts (they start around $99), but there isn't anyone who has a product that comes close in my opinion! (I actually have the same opinion on rain boots, which is why I wrote this post on Hunter Rain Boots last year)

So bottom line...yes, I think they are worth it! Here are 3 reasons why I think they are worth the money. 

1) Classic. These are you traditional, never going out of style shorts! I usually go ahead and pay a little more for something I know will always be wearable.

2) Durable. Denim is one of the strongest fabrics out there! I have had these for at least 3 years and wear the tar out of them in the summer.

3) Versatile. I wear these to the beach, to brunch, and out on the town. You obviously can't dress them up too much, but they go with a lot! They are just so easy to style and effortlessly cool.

The only thing I don't touch on is the actual cost... I will say that these shorts are 100% cotton - no stretch or spandex here! Cotton is overall more expensive than man-made fabrics like polyester, so that's something to think about. Another thing to consider is how much do you pay for jeans? For me, my favorite ones are usually around the $150 range, give or take. That being said, it kind of makes sense that my favorite jean shorts would be around $99. 

One Teaspoon makes a lot of shorts - a style for everyone! I like a looser fit and wear a 29. I own a pair of jeans, denim shorts, and black denim shorts, but since I'm just talking about classic denim shorts right now, here's some of the great styles out on the marketplace right now! Just click the
"+" next to the image, or the corresponding number under the entire image!

1  // 2 // 3 // 4 //  5 // 6 // 7

So, what do you think? Have you ever worn One Teaspoon? I'd love to hear your verdict! Oh and if you have found a brand who does the same thing at a cheaper cost, do tell;) 

P.S. If you liked this post or are still struggling to see if they would be worth if for you, check out my post on CPW- cost per wear!

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