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3 Reminders When Shopping for Spring + Summer

3 Reminders When Shopping for Spring + Summer

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Chances are that brands and bloggers  (myself included) are beginning to push spring content at you - bathing suits and tropical prints galore! Don't get me wrong. It's fun to wear and makes you feel super cute, especially for specific vacations! BUT I just wanted to share a friendly message that is probably a "bad blogger move", considering that I make a living by friends like you, who shop from my links...but nevertheless, here goes.

1) Just because something is $20 doesn't mean you need it. Summer items tend to be cheaper, because they involve less fabric. This isn't to say not to buy that $20 bikini top - I typically buy a new suit each season! Just think about it, before your click COMPLETE ORDER.

2) You can still shop for fun spring and summer style AND think of versatility. Chances are that what your buying is NSFW, prime example, this dress! So, to get more bang for your buck, you should at least try and see if you can get more wear out of something besides the beach. Here's a perfect example of a floral dress styled for summer and fall. Here's another floral dress, styled with 3 different kinds of shoes. And last but not least, here's an embroidered dress styled 4 ways.

3) Don't get too cluttered. Make a system for when you buy newclothes. For example for every piece coming in, take a piece out and sell it, or better yet, donate it or give it away! We have become a culture of things and that makes it harder. Harder to move  (lol) and harder to live in general. THINGS don't fill you up.

THIS is why I talk about versatility so much. It can truly change your wardrobe! Build your basics, and sprinkle in a couple trends and you're good to go! Let's talk about this dress I'm wearing. It has the silhouette of summer, but can be worn in spring or fall as well! When I brought it to our anniversary trip this past October, I immediately thought about how G O O D  it would look with my black suede over the knee boots. Want to dress this look up? Pair it with a pair of nude or black ankle strap heels. You could also layer it with leather leggings and booties. Add a cami and you could probably get away with it for work. Versatility becomes a mindset, once you practice it enough!

Don't worry if you just bought a pair of statement shoes or a one of a kind dress that is perfect for your upcoming event...No judgment here! it's okay to buy these stand alone items, just don't make too much of a habit out of it, or you will run yourself right out of room in your closet! Thoughts?? How do you control the size of your wardrobe?? (and the size of your wallet, for that matter?!)

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