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Women in the Workplace, Miniskirts, and Other Things

Women in the Workplace, Miniskirts, and Other Things

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Topshop Peplum Hem Skirt (wearing a US Size 8) | Vince Camuto Madolee Suede Over The Knee Boots | Madewell Whisper Turtleneck | Baublebar Parisian Earrings | Fenty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lipgloss

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway for my followers. One of the things I said could be done for an extra entry was to leave a comment on my most recent blog post, and ask for me to cover certain things on the blog...a suggestion box for topics if you will. Something I was surprised to see was an overwhelming request for workwear. I think I covered it slightly when I first started my blog, but have kind of pulled back for various reasons.

One major reason was that the company I have worked for for the past  4 years (actually my 4 year anniversary is in March!), was a place I could get away with wearing jeans every day if I wanted to. I have recently changed offices and it's more business casual now, though I can still wear jeans on Friday. I have a 5+ minute walk from my parking garage to my desk, coupled with over 100 stairs to climb, so my outfits greatly reflect that trek. Nowwww I don't have to take the stairs - we have elevators, but I like the extra workout it gives me, so I make do.

The laidback wardrobe atmosphere at work, coupled with the athleisure trend in the marketplace, has greatly affected my style as well. Gone are the days where I will force myself to wear something uncomfortable for the sake of beauty andddd here are the days where I will pay a little extra for something that is more comfortable. Ya feel me? I'm not saying I show up to places unkempt and sloppy, I just gravitate more towards comfortable items these days. IE Madewell, Lou & Grey, etc. Side note - I never really wore pants in high school...it was always dresses, skirts, etc. That carried into my college days. What a weird kid I was to not like jeans! Now I live in them. Not to say I don't like dressing up or anything like that...it is just different now.

And finally the third and final thing that I think has affected how I dress at work, is my work style anddd I'm not talking about fashion. Have you ever taken a personality test of sorts? It might sound odd to you because of my open and bubbly online persona, but I'm actually an extroverted introvert (Nick on the other hand is 100% an extrovert). Since I can remember, my work style has been very direct. I can lead, but I have no problem following if I feel someone else coming forward to lead. Since school days I have silently hated group projects because I don't trust many people to get the job done. 95% of the time I had to take charge and do most of the work. Needless to say, my work style in general is direct. I am a pretty direct person. I wouldn't say I'm mean (I mean sometimes I'm mean...but aren't we all?!) If I dress perfectly and everything, it can make me seem unapproachable. Sounds weird, but it's true. When I have phone calls - minus the daily conversation I have with my mom, I am to the point. I don't do small talk. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm not good at small talk? Of course I'll ask you how are you are doing and everything to be polite, but I pretty much get down to business about why I called you. I don't typically flower things up. If I requested to review something Thursday and it is Tuesday and I still haven't seen it, I'm going to email to ask where the document is /when I should expect to see it, because business. It's not a personal attack. It' just a question regarding something we are working on for a common goal. Capiche?

So you're probably asking why is that a problem... well, in 5 words, it's because I'm a woman. *GASP* You read that right. Now don't see this as a pity party. I'm not throwing one. Just thinking out-loud in my little corner of the internet. I've actually never really spoken these thoughts aloud, with the exception of my family. It's not really something I've read about either though. Men, in general, are more direct. It's okay for them to ask for what they want whether it be a salary negotiation at a new job or certain price with a car salesman. That doesn't make it wrong for women, just different than the average female and her personality.

What prompted me to write this is that I was at some friends going away party and was speaking to their dad. He was talking to me about the DISC profile test, which I actually took at my first job out of college. It analyzes your personality and provides ways for you to better communicate with others and visa versa. Guess what?! I'm a 'D', which you guessed it, stands for direct. Their dad is direct too, so we were talking about similarities we had. Then he said something that left me flabbergasted. He said "that's actually harder on you, because you're a woman." I wanted to cry tears of joy, as he doesn't know me personally that well, yet knew enough about the profiles to know that it's 100% harder for a woman to be direct, without her also being associated with an Anna Wintour type of "ohhh here she comes - everyone be on their best behavior!", if that makes sense. You see when I ask a question directly instead of flowering it up, it can be seen as rude, whereas if a man says it, it's not rude and 100% okay. Why is that?? 

Anyway, that's what I struggle with on a day to day basis. How do I make sure this normal question that I'm asking isn't taken the wrong way... Let me just say that my job is great and so is my boss. No complaints. This is something that I have dealt with for a while and is not specific to any one job. Heck, even when I was an intern at JC Penney, I had guys who had trouble doing things for me when I was acting manager!  I wasn't domineering or anything either...just a 20 something with a good work ethic, trying to get college credit!

You probably wish I would have just talked about this great skirt that is under $50 and can be worn to work, church, or out! Sorry, not sorry, because if it helps just one person, then I'm happy. But while I'm on the topic, this skirt is on the nicer side and has texture, which I love! If it's too short for your liking, pair tights with it, or even wear flats instead of heels. I probably wouldn't wear heels with it at all, if these weren't over the knee boots! Skirts are probably my favorite thing to wear to work, because they are super versatile! Most you can wear throughout the entire year, with the quick switch of a shoe and/or undergarment, making your money (and closet) stretch to the utmost potential. Also, because this is a neutral, it can be worn with many different colors and easily dressed up down. It's only downfall? It's Topshop, so the sizing is wonky. I'm wearing a US size 8 and it fits great.

If you made it thus far, thank you for reading my ramblings! If you're struggling at work with something or in general, make sure you have some trusted people to talk to and find a way to work through it properly. I've found just focusing on breathing works exceptionally well - there's apps for that too! No matter how big or small the struggle, find a way to let it go or get out of the situation. Most of all, know that you're great just the way God made you. Thanks again for reading this and making my blog possible. XOXO

P.S. if you have any topics you'd like for me to cover, just comment below!! I have some fun stuff planned in the coming months.

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